Continuous Backup

Keep deleted files for a determined amount of time in the cloud.

File Versioning

Track file changes and quickly revert file versions to a specific point-in-time.

Backup Data

Backup any folders from your devices to the cloud and manage them online.

Mass Revision Rollback

Mass restore file versions in the cloud to a specific point in time.

Remote Wipe

Remotely delete files on any device while keeping the files safe in vBoxxCloud.

File Recovery

Restore folders to a specific point-in-time when infected with malware.

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Keep your files safe in the cloud

vBoxxCloud gives you file recovery tools that help you restore files infected with malware or unexpectedly deleted.

Continuous Backup

Set the number of days you would like to keep deleted files and restore them whenever necessary.

Recover Files

In case of a malware attack, use the Snapshot feature to restore folders to a specific point-in-time.

If your files are modified, changed or deleted because of ransomware, you can restore them with vBoxxCloud snapshot
vboxxcloud file versioning helps you revert any document changes`

File Versioning

vBoxxCloud saves your old file versions, so you can always restore them when necessary.

Restoring a file never replaces older versions, vBoxxCloud creates a new version instead.

If several files are changed at the same time you can restore entire folders.

Admins can decide for how long should revisions and deleted files be kept.

Recover from malware attacks

If a critical folder is infected by ransomware, with vBoxxCloud Snapshot you can restore the infected folder to a moment before it was infected.

  • Create a copy of a Share, or a user's personal data as it existed at a specific point in time.
  • The copy includes previously deleted, recreated and moved data.
  • Revision history is also preserved, starting from the selected date.
  • vBoxxCloud Snapshot, allows you to recover an entire share to a specific point in time