Data confidentiality in the workplace

In any office you work at, you have to deal with confidential information. Whether you work in education, IT, or a non-governmental organization you will deal with documents that can’t be shared publicly.

We all are gatekeepers of confidential documents at one stage, and it is important to know how to handle sensitive information.

Data Privacy and Data Confidentiality

While privacy and confidentiality are closely related, they are not exactly the same. Privacy is your right to control your personal information. Confidentiality, is a duty of company or person entrusted with maintaining this information private.

New data rules in 2018

From May 2018, the European Union will implement The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), forcing companies to double their efforts towards protecting their data. Implementing mechanisms that ensure the safety of your data would be a good start. However, it is equally important for staff members to understand the core responsibilities of data protection.

“Businesses will need to ensure they have the technology and processes in place to be able to both detect and report any breaches” LogRhythm – The security Intelligence Company.

Structuring your data

While conducting online demonstrations at vBoxx, we emphasize the importance of structuring your data. Whether, you are working on different projects or have many departments that need to collaborate online, structuring your data will go a long way to protect the confidentiality of your documents.

The GDPR will require companies to keep track of their data and report any strange activity. Using a service such as vBoxxCloud will help businesses have an overview of what happens with their documents. Implementing activity alerts, will also help admins keep a closer look to what staff is doing in the cloud.

Staff and client privacy

The GDPR will bring stricter rules to ensure data privacy.  Know what to protect, and what processes you need to implement to safeguard your data. vBoxxCloud could is a viable way to guarantee staff and client privacy, while sharing your documents online.

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