10 Ways vBoxxCloud file sync will improve how you work – Part I

File Sync and share technology is changing how companies work and collaborate. Embracing this way of working, offers many advantages. Here are the ways vBoxxCloud File Sync can change how you work:

1. You will work faster

In business, speed is crucial. Companies often have to deal with internal and external partners, being fast and agile is essential to maintain these partnerships. If you don’t use file sync technology, probably you have content spread over different machines, and a vast amount of email attachments. With vBoxxCloud, you can work across your company laptop, home desktop, iPad and iPhone and securely share content with teams and partners. Since all files are constantly in sync between devices, you will work faster.

2. Collaborating with peers is easier

With vBoxxCloud you can manage shared content and have all your peers in sync. Simply drag and drop any file, and spend less time dealing with files and more time discussing big projects.

3. Collaborating with different departments is more effective

Collaborating with different departments can be complex at times, internal policies vary from company to company, and departmental privacy could be important. vBoxxCloud offers a series of tools that can prevent other departments from working on unfinished content. You can collaborate with confidence and agility, as a result you will get more done.

4. Large video or audio files are not an issue

It’s undeniable that multimedia has become vital to communication. Before file sync technology, sharing video and audio files would be bothersome. Now, whether it’s recorded meetings, conversations or interviews, you can easily share them through vBoxxCloud. Important content can be quickly synced to other team members in the background.

5. You will share more

If you are often researching for a project or even as a hobby, it’s possible you would like to share your findings. Thanks to vBoxxCloud, you can easily select and share many documents. It will help you share seamlessly with colleagues, peers, and partners.

Next week we will highlight the other 5 advantages of vBoxxCloud, meanwhile, start a Free Trial and discover all the benefits we have to offer.

The vBoxxCloud Team


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