10 Ways vBoxxCloud file sync will improve how you work – Part II

This post is the second part of 10 Ways vBoxxCloud File Sync Will Improve How You Work, click here to read the first part.

File Sync and share technology is changing how companies work and collaborate. When embracing this way of working, you will notice vBoxxCloud file sync can significantly improve they way you work.

6. Researching on your tablet or smartphone is a breeze

While most us rely on our laptops and desktops to do the heavy lifting, many of us rely on tablets and smartphones to read and research. vBoxxCloud File Sync helps you stay organized while doing research on these devices. With a few swipes, new material is synced to your personal sync folder and you can easily access the files on all devices. It’s indeed the best of both worlds, offering you a comfortable reading experience plus a reliable organization of your files.

7. No VPN headaches

As we have mentioned before, Network Privacy is important in the entrepreneurial world. While VPN are still used today, they are complex and cumbersome to set up sometimes making collaboration difficult. vBoxxCloud offers File Server Enablement and Team Shares and that will definitely save some headaches. Employees can stay in sync wherever they are without resorting to complex remote access tools

8. You are more effective on social media

The versatile sharing tools vBoxxCloud allow you to easily connect your social media followers to files and research in their native format. Filling out forms to access documents is in the past. The public share link is ideal when sharing content on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

9. Work on deals in a private and productive manner

vBoxxCloud is a Cloud service built for companies who want to share information securely. It’s easy to share sensitive documents without worrying about data leaks.

10. Better sleep at night

With vBoxxCloud file sync, you can share content with no security or control compromises. Whether you share content with small teams, external users or the occasional external stakeholder you can share content easily.

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