Why is using green energy important?

Strong winds, the power of water, the sun that shines every now and then and biomass. These are all good sources of green energy, but what are the benefits of green energy? And why are more companies switching to green energy?

How is green energy generated?

To generate green energy, we only use natural resources such as wind, water, sun, and biomass. Wind generates energy using wind turbines, which convert the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. Flowing water creates energy that is captured and turned into electricity. Hydroelectric power is usually generated in Dams placed in rivers, where the water flows through a turbine that activates a generator. Solar panels absorb sun rays and convert them into energy. Materials of animal or vegetable origin (biomass) generate energy through combustion, fermentation, or gasification.

The benefits of green energy

  1. Water, wind, sun, and biomass are natural resources that do not deplete resources.
  2. The production of green electricity does not release harmful substances like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. These substances are harmful because they enhance the greenhouse effect. As a result, the heat from the sun remains on Earth significantly increasing temperatures. Green energy lessens the burden to the environment.
  3. To simulate the use of green energy governments also offer many subsidies and tax benefits.

The disadvantages of grey energy

  1. Fossil fuels will eventually run out.
  2. The production of the grey electricity releases harmful and polluting substances such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. These present long-term risks to the planet’s atmosphere, and serious risks to our health.
  3. The extraction of fossil fuels is extremely invasive to our planet. This can lead to earthquakes, oil spills, and can permanently change entire ecosystems.
  4. Due to the scarcity off fossil fuels, not every country can produce them. Making countries dependent on other countries which can lead to conflict.

Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more households and companies are switching to green energy. Customers are more aware of global warming, and actively search for more sustainable solutions. Whether we talk about coffee beans, or cloud storage customers are more demanding of companies.

It is a good step in the right direction, one that vBoxx has taken a few years ago. We strive to be socially responsible and environmentally conscious and continuously consider the impact of our company on society and the environment. We do this by only working with suppliers who share the same sustainable values. In addition, we replace the hardware in our data centers, often with more efficient equipment and we digitize where possible. Finally we reuse and recycle all disposable hardware accordance with Dutch legislation.

Want to learn more about our commitment to the environment and we work towards sustainability?

Store your data in a sustainable data center

We store your data in data centers that committed to the conservation of natural resources for future generations. From energy-efficient cooling systems, to certified green energy usage we make sure partner with data centers that are energy efficient and contribute to the sustainability of our planet resources.

vBoxx is also part of CO2 emissions offset programs that actively contribute to climate protection projects. We are constantly re-evaluating our infrastructure, our partnerships with the data centers to guarantee an efficient use of energy.

ISO 14001 certificate

One of the most important certificates to have regarding the environment is the ISO 14001 certificate. For more than 60 years, the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has set standards for quality, safety, security, and efficiency.

ISO 14001 is an international standard with requirements for the environmental management system. Three requirements are set for the results of the environmental management system, which our data center complies with:

  1. Continuously improving performance and protects the environment.
  2. Controling environmental risks.
  3. Meeting the legal requirements.

Choose sustainable services and products

However small the contribution, everyone can start taking steps towards sustainably. Whether we talk about recycling or using less paper. There are many options for us to make a positive contribution towards the environment. If you need a specific service or product, spend some time researching the company’s policies. You may be surprised to find that many are already working towards sustainability.

It will still take some time to fully use renewable energy sources, but everyone can make an active contribution towards sustainability. In a data-driven world, data centers have become essential, however data centers are power hungry. vBoxx carefully chooses its partners to store your data so that we can offer sustainable storage powered by green energy.

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