How secure is the cloud?

Technology is developing at a great speed, and you may find yourself wondering whether your data is protected from the virtual dangers roaming the Internet. Many users have turned to online cloud storage providers hoping to ensure security of their files.

While cloud storage solutions are convenient and safe, there are several aspects to consider before storing your documents online.

Control is the key

Information leaks and security breaches pose a danger for people and organizations. This is why it is crucial to be in control of where your files go. As a rule, the more people can easily connect to the information – the higher the risk of data loss.

Cloud storage provides you with full control of the files. With a simple mouse click you can decide which employees have access to the data, and which employees can change or even delete it.

When compared to conventional storage, cloud storage lets you track the movement of your files, as well as changes made to them. Learn more about how to safely share sensitive files online.


Keep your files safe from outside threats

It is crucial to ensure your files are safe from threats that come from outside of your company environment. We often hear about how criminals steal people’s data in order to get money in return.

In case the information is stored in the cloud, intruders are less likely to profit from their initiative: all data stored in the cloud is encrypted.

Nevertheless, even if your personal information stored in the cloud is safe from hackers, there still may be a way for someone to review and make changes to it, legally. The Patriot act allows government to intercept personal data if the Cloud storage provider is located in the United States.

Europe-based Cloud service providers do not fall under that jurisdiction and ensure privacy of user’s files. GDPR-ready cloud storage providers prioritize data privacy and security. This is an attractive solution for companies with strict privacy policies.


GDPR Ready cloud storage for Businesses


Are you putting all of your eggs in one basket?

Do you have vitally important files that you wouldn’t like to lose, like that almost-done financial report or those family photos from the last holiday? Then make sure they are properly backed-up.

Keeping a local copy of important files on your computer and the Cloud ensures all your files can be restored in case of a natural disaster or a security breach.

vBoxxCloud gives you access to all the features of a traditional cloud storage and ensures top-notch data security. It is compliant with the newest GDPR privacy regulation and stores your information in secure locations. Check out the information available at the website and sign up for a free trial with a Cloud provider that cares about your privacy.


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