Improve online collaboration in the tech industry

In the fast-paced world that is the tech industry, you have to collaborate often with colleagues and clients. For the most part this happens online. If you need to send a file, email is the most commonly used tool but, when the file is too large a USB stick is still carried around in many workplaces. If you share files this way it quickly becomes difficult to track who has the files and on which devices the files were uploaded.

In the end it takes up valuable time. Companies are now using cloud storage to help streamline the file sharing process, however, more often than not, businesses rely on free versions that are not secure enough and quickly reach their full capacity. These are issues that you can easily prevent. But how can you do that? 

Secure online collaboration with colleagues in the cloud 

Maintaining good communication between the colleagues is important. Common problems that may come up include file attachments being too large to send via email, or spending time walking back and forth with a USB stick delaying the whole collaboration process. When you need to make online collaboration more efficient, working in the cloud is the way to go. 

Via the cloud you can easily share files with other devices. This means you can forget about walking to the other computer with a USB stick in your hand to load that CAD-draft you have just designed. You can also stop worrying about how you can send the technical drawing via email, with the help of the cloud you can quickly share files and open them in your favorite applications.

Working in the cloud also makes working as a team easier, you can share documents, quickly synchronize files from other devices and edit documents simultaneously as a team.

Sharing files with clients

The tech industry is constantly connected with clients, this means that clients need to be frequently informed of the progress of a project. Companies rely on email to communicate, but if you work with large files you can’t send them via email because of the 20 MB attachment limit. Unfortunately, employees tend to use other methods to send files, which are not secure nor approved by the company.

When you work in the cloud you avoid all these problems. This is possible with the help of guest users. You can create guest users and give password-protected access to a folder at no additional cost. Does the guest user need to send files back to you? You can indicate whether the folder or file can be modified and for how long it needs to be available. This helps for example a steel company or an industrial design agency to quickly work together to develop a technical drawing without hassle.

Secure cloud storage for your files

You don’t want your projects to fall into the wrong hands or disappear. It is important to keep your files under control. You can do this by using a cloud solution that prioritizes the security of your files and gives you the privacy you need. 

With the right cloud solution, you can benefit from continuous backups and you can always go back in time to recover files. Because of this you will never lose files and you can restore files deleted by mistake to their original form. 

Curious about the solution?

You can easily share large files with your colleagues via vBoxxCloud. This cloud solution is specially developed for companies that need full control over their all their data.

With vBoxxCloud the sync folder works like any other folder, so you and your colleagues can always access it easily. vBoxxCloud gives you access to special features that help you share large files with customers. You can decide what they can do with the files including download and upload permissions. 

If you run into a problem, there are enough options to help you solve it. Use the vBoxx live chat to get personal support or give us a call for free. There will always be someone to help you.

Curious? Start a vBoxxCloud Trial or call us at +3170 – 206 00 91.

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