Moving towards a digital world

Last week vBoxx was in Germany at CeBIT and it was clear that more companies are adopting new ways of conducting business. The hectic environment experienced over 5 days, clearly showed the conference is great platform for networking and learn about the latest market trends.

3,300 companies coming from 70 countries, is an impressive number, reflecting how competitive the market has become. The topics discussed, included the Internet of Things, the Cloud, analytics and security. All current and highly debated topics, gaining the attention the EU Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger, who called for a digital single market and Europe-wide legislation.

An interesting point raised by Oettinger was that national borders have limited relevance in the context of digitalization. German Chancellor Merkel was also present at CeBit, emphasizing the need for a faster digitalization progress, Merkel stated, “success is becoming more and more dependent on the ability to embrace new digital opportunities”.

This is particularly relevant when discussing Cloud services. Taking into account how vBoxxCloud is getting more international attention, it is safe to say that borders may have little relevance. However, moving towards a digital world, is not without its challenges.

Bridging the gap

While companies are more willing to migrate to Cloud services, there is a transition period where they have to bridge the gap between a physical and cloud infrastructure, which can be challenging. Our vBoxxCloud has native Active Directory, as well as File Server Enablement. While these functionalities facilitate the transition, a close relationship with our customers and constant support is key to overcome any challenges that may appear.

CeBIT clearly reflected how competitive the market has become, while at the same time fostering new exciting partnerships. It clearly showed that more companies are moving towards a digital world. While this can raise some challenges, we believe that as Cloud service providers it’s our role to provide full support before, during and after this transition.



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