A New Website, Selective Sync and more!

This month our team is happy to announce exciting new features such as Selective Sync and improved synchronization. We have also published a new website, where you can easily find useful information about our Cloud service. We paid particular attention to the feedback received from our customers, and now you can have a better feel of how the vBoxxCloud works.

Selective Sync

May becomes even more interesting, with the release of Selective Sync, a feature highly requested in the last months. Selective Sync gives you the option to synchronize only the folders you need. You can do this while installing the sync tool or later on.  In the process you will be saving bandwidth and time. Selective Sync together with all the unique features found in vBoxxCloud is a perfect fit for those looking for a robust Cloud platform that offers full control over the Cloud.

Parallel Synchronization

Another feature we have included in the latest release, is, Parallel Synchronization, which substantially enhances the sync performance. The sync engine now has separate queues for small and large files, prioritizing the smaller files while synchronizing. Ultimately this leads to a faster file synchronization.

New Email Customization

Besides bringing new features, vBoxxCloud version 2.5.0 brings HTML customization for email templates, you now have more freedom to customize emails sent from your organization to other users. See the full list of new features and improvements on our vBoxx Support Center.

We are working on bringing more new and exciting features in the future, if you would like more information on vBoxxCloud visit our website, leave a comment or sign up for a free trial!

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