58% consider public cloud more secure than corporate data centers

A survey conducted by SADA Systems indicates that IT executives consider public cloud more secure than their own data centers. Security is a concern constantly present in any IT executive’s mind. It is rather surprising to see IT managers more confident in the reliability of public cloud.

210 respondents answered the survey, despite being a small sample, it is still indicative of a mindset change. When asked about the primary motivation for adopting public cloud, the majority of the respondents described it has: most secure, flexible and cost-effective. According to the survey, IT executives are more likely to use Public Cloud in the future. The main reason behind this is that, concerns over data security and stability have diminished.

The main takeaway from SADA’s survey is that IT Executives are more confident in the security of public cloud. Clearly a sign that companies are getting more comfortable with public cloud. Undoubtedly security will continue to be a major concern, especially when companies rely on external parties to manage data.

This boost in confidence, also reflects an effort from cloud providers in acquiring and improving their security solutions and certifications. Customers are of course responsible for this change, as they take ownership of security, particularly in the case of public cloud. It is safe to say that cloud providers are held more accountable by their customers. In the process, they become more transparent.

84% of the respondents is using public cloud infrastructure today, showing that Chief Information Officers (CIO) are aware of the advantages inherent to public cloud. Compared to on premise solutions, public cloud is more flexible and easier to integrate innovations.

Customers are more receptive to public cloud, and this is a result of the constant feedback they provide to cloud providers. At vBoxx we know the relationship between customer and cloud provider is important. In the end everyone benefits from this customer and cloud provider dynamic.

Source: SADA Systems 


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