Security risks of consumer-grade Cloud services

Consumer-grade Cloud solutions present many challenges to companies looking for a reliable Cloud platform. As we have mentioned in previous posts, businesses value the control and visibility of sensitive data.

No Control over information

One of the biggest issues among consumer-grade cloud services is the lack of control over the information. Data theft becomes possible, because business owners do not know when the cloud software is installed and can’t control which employee devices are synchronizing company data.

You could lose your data

Consumer-grade solutions don’t have a developed backup infrastructure, some do not even backup at all. The reduced visibility over file movement or different file versions across end-points, can compromise the data in case of an error. Recovering files becomes difficult or impossible.

Confidentiality and Compliance Violations

End-users in consumer-grade solutions can permanently delete and share files. This can lead to permanent loss of critical documents. Additionally, it increases the risk of confidentiality breaches, due to no control over file sharing.

These type of solutions have loose file controls. Many compliance regulations, indicate that files must be held during a specific time period and only accessed by assigned people. It is very important for companies to have strict access policies that, clearly define how long are the files kept and who accesses them.

No Accountability  

The lack of reports or alerts over system activity, often results in loss of accountability. User accounts, organizations, passwords are all vulnerable if a malicious admin gains access to the system. Having no alerts system configured, would lead to late action from admins and many hours spent correcting unwanted changes, since they cannot identify the source of the problem.

Losing File Access

Consumer-grade cloud solutions are unable to track which users or machines touched a file. This raises several problems, especially if you are trying to find out where and when a file was modified or deleted.

These type of solutions can lead to data leaks and security breaches since they do not offer the control and visibility that companies need. The best way for companies to handle this, is to adopt a solution that allows them to control the data while securely granting access to any users.

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