Send your data safely online

Millions of companies all over the world depend on email to send
important files to clients, partners and colleagues. While convenient and easy
to use, email also represents various dangers to companies. With a simple typo
in the receiver email address, you could be forwarding important and
confidential information to the wrong person.

Wrong email addresses and attachments, are common mistakes that can
happen in the workplace. Worst of all, you can’t undo the email you have just
sent. Usually, company emails work in a closed environment, but once you send
sensitive information to a Hotmail or Gmail account it becomes much more

Should we pay more attention to how we work, or are there other options? How do you send your data safely online?

Safer since the GDPR-legislation

Fortunately, it has been a lot safer online since May 2018 because of the GDPR legislation, which protects consumer rights and forces companies to implement better data handling procedures.

  • Under GDPR legislation, you have the right to request the information a company has about you. While this was possible before, it was rarely enforced. 
  • Companies also need your explicit permission to process your information, which is often included in the privacy statement. This statement should also be clear and easy to understand.
  • On the other hand, companies must also inform you if your information is used outside the EU. 
  • You also have the right to be forgotten, in certain cases you can ask companies to delete all your personal information. There is also the possibility to revoke your consent at any time. 
  • If companies do not comply with these laws, they can be subject to heavy fines, which can amount go up to 4% of the annual turnover of the offender.

How to take care of your online ?

Since the new legislation on online personal information (GDPR), more companies have improved how they handle confidential information. vBoxxCloud has drawn up strict rules on how we store and collect information, for example. These rules are controlled by an external organization. An example of this is that all our data remain within the Netherlands, making the security of your data even safer compared to other companies.

vBoxxCloud has a very secure way of sharing files. You can view the documents together in a shared folder and the person you have shared data with, doesn’t need a paid subscription with us. Easily create a guest account and this way you can work safely.

You decide whether the guest user can just view or also edit
files, this way you can quickly and securely share documents that remain within
the Netherlands. If necessary you can withdraw a share, in case you have shared
a confidential document with the wrong person.

vBoxxCloud also comes with an email plugin where you can set up editing and downloading notifications. This allows you to maintain good control over your documents. So, send your data safely online!

Handle your files (and the files of your customers) with care to minimize the chance of a mistake and make sure your sensitive information remains within your company. vBoxxCloud is specifically designed to help you handle data under the GDPR. Signup for a vBoxxCloud trial and start working under the GDPR today!

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