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One of the biggest advantages of vBoxxCloud is how easy it is to share content on the go. Sharing is a crucial part of vBoxxCloud. We know that companies deal with sensitive information. With that in mind, vBoxxCloud gives you freedom to choose, how you want to share content. Depending on the situation you can either choose Team Shares or Normal Shares when sharing content.

Team Shares

These folders can also be called root folders, these are your most important folders, as they will be always synchronized throughout assigned users on vBoxxCloud. Team Shares are the ideal solution for long term collaboration. They offer more options for admins to manage, who, how and from which device a user accesses the folder.

Normal Shares

Normal Shares are ideal for temporary situations. Whether you need to quickly share a file with an external party or need to share a specific folder during a project, vBoxxCloud gives you many options.

Select Public Share, if you are in a rush. Bear in mind though, that anyone with the link will be able to access that file or folder. Select Secure Share if you want to restrict the access to Guest Accounts created by you or automatically created when sharing with someone.

On top of these options you can always set an expiration date, and notifications in order to keep an eye on the files.

Secure Sharing

With vBoxxCloud you can restrict or at least keep an eye on the availability of your content in many ways. This is especially useful for those dealing with sensitive documents while working on projects. Both long term and short term file sharing are available in vBoxxCloud, at the same time, allowing you to keep an eye on file activity.

Curious about the file sharing options offered by vBoxxCloud? Sign Up for a Trial or visit our website.

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