Still using OneDrive?

OneDrive has been through various transformations throughout time. When Microsoft’s file hosting service was launched it started as Windows Live Folders, changed into Windows Live SkyDrive, and later settled into OneDrive. Similar to many other file sync & share services, OneDrive allows you to share files with your contacts, offering Office 365 integration among many other features.

Is my data private with OneDrive?

As it happens with many services offered by American companies, privacy can become a concern. Any data stored on OneDrive could be monitored by Microsoft, and any content that violates Microsoft’s Code of Conduct is subject to removal or permanent shutdown of the account. Microsoft indicates that strict internal policies are in place limiting access to user data and any automated scanning mechanism is utilized to ensure users abide with the Code of Conduct. Naturally, this approach raises some questions, even more if you are looking for a Cloud service that takes a serious approach to your privacy.

Is Windows integration good or bad?

A bit of both, a well-integrated cloud service, is great on paper. However, if you would like to use other Cloud services you might run into issues. Uninstalling OneDrive is not an easy affair, as you can see on Microsoft’s support pageYou might also run into registry issues after you have installed another Cloud Service. You can find here an example, where Windows prioritizes the Icon Overlay of Microsoft Services, sometimes affecting how icons are presented in other cloud services.

OneDrive alternative

The biggest advantage of OneDrive for Business is it’s office 365 integration and online editing capabilities. However, Microsoft’s service lacks appealing features, that are useful in a business environment, some of these include: File Server Enablement, Collision File Resolution, Download Limit Policies, Customized Branding. Click on the button below to see a full feature comparison.


vBoxxCloud is a cloud service that is easy for user and advanced for the administrator. Offering advanced policies to control the cloud the way you want it. With servers located in the Netherlands, we take your privacy seriously. vBoxx cannot be requested to give up information, under Dutch and EU laws and regulations. Online editing is currently under development, and you will soon be able to edit documents online with vBoxxCloud.

If you are curious about vBoxxCloud, start a Free Trial or send us a message on the Live Chat, we will be happy to answer any questions.

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