Technological developments in healthcare

Society is constantly changing and healthcare is changing with it. Vulnerable people are living at home longer, which means that care is moving home. Technology is developing more and more to provide the necessary care at home. But what kind of technological developments are there and how do they influence healthcare?

Staying longer at home

According to statistics, people are living longer at home in The Netherlands. The national government supports living at home for longer, so that money is available for better support at home, caregivers, volunteers and suitable housing.

Connecting all technology

If people continue to live at home for longer, self-measuring equipment must be available to be able to measure at home. This equipment is provided with sensors and an internet connection. Some elderly people are using lifestyle monitoring. The movement, the amount of calories and the sleeping pattern are tracked, then the data is read out.

Elderly are video calling

Robots in healthcare

With the increasing number of people living at home in need of care, there is a need for more home care staff. It is being looked at to support the staff with robots. The robots can be companions, a stimulation to exercise or remind the person about taking medication.

3D printing

In addition to the attention for personalized care, there is also attention for personalized products. A 3D printer can custom design a product, such as a prosthesis. In this way, the customer does not have to use a standard model and it saves costs for the company.

Do it yourself

The technology is gradually no longer being offered from care organisations, but can be bought yourself. You can buy tools in various hardware stores and web shops to automate at home. For example, lamps or curtains that you can control with your smartphone.

A large amount of data

The healthcare staff receives a large amount of data, because the healthcare is moving home. Then the software can find patterns and correlations so that the staff can do new insights.

Security and privacy

The large amount of personal data is collected and stored in the cloud. You can safely store, view and share files in the cloud. This makes security and privacy an increasingly important topic.

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Allot of clouds connected with each other
Curious about our cloud?

The benefits of technological developments in healthcare

The technological developments are to help in healthcare.

1. Technological developments mean that people can live at home for longer, so that retirement homes, hospitals etc. are not unnecessarily occupied.

2. Because of the technological developments, the workload of healthcare staff is reducing.

3. Customized support is available.

The disadvantages of technological developments in healthcare

Technological developments in healthcare can also be disadvantageous.

1. If there are robots, some of the healthcare staff will become redundant. So more jobs will disappear.

2. Technology makes the social bond disappear.

3. Because all data is sent and stored via the internet, it is more privacy sensitive.

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A cloud in a hand

So there are already various technological developments in healthcare, but what will come next? And are the pros or cons more important?

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