Data Privacy

We don’t share or analyze your data. Your data remains private.

Stored in the Netherlands

Your data is stored in state of the art data centers or on-premises.

256-bit AES encryption

Business grade encryption makes sure your data is secure.

Favorable data regulations

Benefit from Dutch favorable regulations for data storage.

Why store data in the Netherlands?

  • vBoxx cannot be forced to give up information according to Dutch and EU laws and regulations
  • Most free cloud storage solutions are located in the United States, leaving your data subject to American laws
  • vBoxx is not an American company or a subsidiary of any American company and has no American employees
  • Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Dropbox or Box cannot avoid American legal obligations, such as the Patriot Act
Securely store your data in the Netherlands
Data privacy guaranteed in our cloud storage

GDPR Ready

  • Encrypted connection
  • The GDPR considers encryption as an appropriate measure to keep your data secure. In 2018 encrypted connections will become a security standard

  • Audit what happens with your files and organization
  • As an admin you will always be able to track user activity to ensure proper data handling

  • Built with privacy and security in mind
  • Organizational and security options allow you to manage user data securely

  • Minimize the risks of data breaches
  • Two-factor authentication, 256-bit encryption, security policies and the activity log help you prevent data breaches

What do you do with my information?

  • Nothing
  • We don’t access or analyze any of the files stored with vBoxxCloud
  • All information remains the property of its rightful owner and so do copyrights on the content
  • We don’t share your files with third parties
Securely store your data in the Netherlands

Keep your data private in the cloud!