The cloud. How does it work?

Floppy disks. Who remembers these? A few years ago, floppy disks were one of the most used resources to save our files and photo’s. These days we barely see any floppy disks, and people started using the cloud to save their data. The cloud is a term that many people probably heard of, but may not be completely clear for everyone. What is the cloud and how does it actually work?

The cloud is everywhere

There is a big chance you are already using the cloud on a daily basis, without noticing it. If you are using webmail, a streaming service to watch movies and series or posting a picture on Facebook, all of this is happening in the cloud. The best way to describe the cloud is an invisible external hard-drive which you can access anytime when connected to the internet. You can access it from different devices, like your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or your computer at work.

All of this comes in very handy, because when you spill your coffee on your laptop by accident, you are still able to access and edit all the files on your tablet. When it is impossible to go to work due to a snowstorm, you can access the exact same files on your laptop as you would on your computer at the office. Have you lost your phone or has it been stolen and do you have access to all your files through your mobile phone? With some cloud services this could be a problem, but not with vBoxxCloud. You can delete the files from a distance so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Where are your files stored?

Of course, your files aren’t actually saved “in a cloud”. They are saved in a physical place, a data center. You can find data centers all over the world, and most of the time you don’t know whether your files are saved in Germany or in India. It is essential that this is completely safe, because you entrust all your files to the servers in the data center. That is why vBoxxCloud only works with certified data centers based in The Netherlands. These data centers have the most modern security measures. Biometric access (access through fingerprints or an iris scan), blast deflection walls and motion detection, it can’t be too safe for us.

The cloud helps businesses save money

Besides the practical advantages, the cloud also offers financial benefits, especially for businesses. Businesses can save a lot of money if they are using a cloud service, the expensive external hard drives and servers can get out of the door because the only thing you need to work in the cloud is an internet-connection.

As a company you don’t have to be afraid that your storage gets full or if you are paying for storage you don’t use. With vBoxxCloud you can upgrade or downgrade your storage at any moment.

Are you curious about working in the cloud and what vBoxxCloud can do for you? Give us a call, send us an e-mail or start a free trial!

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