Using the cloud in Healthcare

In healthcare, just like in other fields, it is increasingly common that you have to collaborate online. In this day and age, you need to be able to share files quickly and securely with your colleagues. In healthcare a large amount of confidential patient data is exchanged. Unfortunately, this still happens via e-mail, a USB stick or even on paper. This is not secure, increases uncertainty, and takes up unnecessary time. But how can you safely share files in healthcare? Companies are already using the cloud for healthcare to exchange files, but these are often free versions that fill up quickly or are actually not secure. In healthcare, document privacy and security are crucial and choosing the right cloud provider is essential.

Fortunately, there are good solutions! But which?

Work securely with colleagues in the cloud for healthcare.

It is important that there is good communication between the office, the workplace and patient locations. Information should be available to all employees at all times, securely and up-to-date. This can sometimes be difficult if you choose the wrong solution. To improve collaboration and make sure files are secured, , working in the Cloud is the solution. Via the Cloud you can quickly share files with colleagues in a secure environment. This way you avoid writing down patient information on paper, or sending emails with confidential information. When you work in the Cloud, you can easily work on files from anywhere in the world. In doing so, you ensure that you always only work in the right file version and never have to e-mail confidential data again.

Sharing files with patients.

Of course, communication and cooperation with the patient is also important. Consider, for example, an update on the progress of a treatment. Sharing treatment plans or patient data is often a problem. Doing this via e-mail, is not always possible because most providers can only send 20 MB. In addition, the use of the E-mail is not always safe. You can configure everything yourself and choose the right e-mail provider, but you are less likely to know how the receiving party has arranged this. Just think of all those patients who use the free Gmail or Hotmail accounts, for example.

Where most employees do not pay attention (and this does not only happen in healthcare) is that they check the origin of the solution of the receiving party and where their data center is located (the location where everything is stored). This is important because the privacy policy in the United States, where most free services are hosted, does not comply with European legislation. Read more about this in our other blog.

How do you safely share files with patients?

When you work in the Cloud, it is possible to share files via a link or guest users. Guest users are often free and can be created using the email address of the receiving party. You then give access to part of the cloud, the guest user will only access the folder or file intended for him or her..It is also possible to give the guest user additional rights so that they can also modify and delete files. This way, you can securely exchange information with insurance companies that need to make payments.

Store your files securely in accordance with the privacy legislation of the GDPR.

In the previous example, you want to prevent patient data from falling into the wrong hands or from disappearing. It is essential that you keep control of all files. That is why it is important to select the right Cloud that guarantees things like management, security and privacy.

In Europe you must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR strengthens and expands the privacy rights of individuals. It also places responsibility with the organizations and companies that process personal data themselves.

A good Cloud solution guarantees that all your files are backed up. If you need to recover a file or folder you can always go back in time. As a result, you never lose information and you can immediately restore (accidentally) deleted files.

What is the best cloud for healthcare?

vBoxxCloud is the comprehensive and business solution specifically aimed at companies that want full control over their documents. With vBoxxCloud you can choose whether you only work in the cloud and / or you also want to sync files. When you want to synchronize files to your devices, you can access a folder directly from your computer. This way, you and your colleagues can always access each other’s files.

vBoxxCloud has an unlimited number of free guest users. You can decide who has access to the files, and what they can with the shared files. For example, should a guest user be able to upload or download files? Sharing files in a secure cloud environment is particularly important in healthcare. vBoxxCloud offers a secure and private cloud environment to share sensitive documents.

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