vBoxxCloud is reaching new heights

vBoxxCloud is reaching new heights. What started as an efficient Cloud tool 3 years ago is today a robust and unique Cloud platform. The availability of our infrastructure plays an important role in today’s business environment. When vBoxx was created we envisioned a streamlined and efficient business world, ensuring the highest availability of internet services, avoiding downtime, VboxxCloud has become the embodiment of this vision.

vBoxxCloud is unique

After successfully entering the Dutch business market our international customer base has expanded. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, companies are more open to Cloud services. While the Cloud market is more competitive than ever, vBoxxCloud offers unique features that stand out in a crowded market.

Privacy and security, are subjects companies are always worried about, but lately we have been approached by many that look for a resourceful business Cloud platform. The consumerization of Cloud services is real and fortunately companies are noticing that a reliable Cloud solution is essential.

A business Cloud solution

vBoxxCloud was created with the entrepreneurial sector in mind. Whether we talk about small or big companies, the organizational structure vBoxxCloud offers, is unique and efficient. File Locking, 2-Factor Authentication and File Recovery are some of the features our customers look for. Features that not only provide a higher security level but can also be easily customized on the Admin Dashboard.

What started as an efficient Cloud service 3 years ago, is today, a powerful platform. A Cloud platform that adds structure to the way you share information and lets you choose when and how others access it.

New exciting features will be announced soon!

Until next time!

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