Increasing popularity of wearables in the corporate world

New intelligent devices that we can wear on our body approaching the current market, these devices are called wearables. A very famous example of such is the recently launched Apple Watch.

What are wearables and what can you do with them?

Examples of wearables

Cyber glasses:
These glasses, for example Google Glasses, can be used to document everything that you see, even calling without a telephone is possible. You are also able to obtain information about objects and people that you meet via this device.

Smart clothes:
Such clothes can be used by athletes to keep track of their sporting achievements. Additionally, they can also be worn by factory employees or professional chauffeurs to monitor their performance for physical signs such as exhaustion. Smart clothes items are mostly t-shirts, vests and shoes.

Smart ring:
The smart ring is basically a computer mouse that you wearing! This can reduce ergonomic issues for employees and the user can perform all mouse functions with the ring, eliminating the risk of pain or injury to hand and wrist. So, while working on your computer, allow the muscles of your hand, arm and shoulder to relax.

Smart watch:
A famous example is the Apple watch. In less than 24 hours after its release Apple sold almost 1 million watches, this number is almost the same as the amount of sales of all android smart watches together in a whole year.
A smart watch is connected to a smart phone to create a kind of hub that is easily accessible, this makes it much more than just an ordinary watch. Apple Watch features:
– Reading and sending messages
– Notifications for appointments and reminders
– Carrying out conversations
– Health tracker
– Activity tracker
– Remote control for certain devices in the house, such as smart lamps

The future of the Apple watches

In the future Apple watches are supposed to even monitor your blood pressure or diabetes and they will supposedly also be able to track the first signs of cancer. Keeping this in my mind, the Apple watch still has a long way to go before this technology-changing device is optimized and has reached its full potential.

Benefits of wearables

These wearables are generally also know to have many benefits for the corporate life. It has become more common that information has to be accessible anytime and anywhere for employees. The most self-evident wearables for companies are devices such as the Apple Watch or cyber glasses. These allow colleagues to communicate and share information with each other at all times. The employee has the ability to measure, search, scan and share data.

Wearables in corporate world

Wearable devices are trendy, but considering that they also collect personal information about the carrier, these devices become a valuable source for cyber criminals and for organisations that want to sell information and customer data to third parties without the customers’ consent.
Therefore, it is crucial for companies to think about how they want to handle this technological development and if they want to implement it in their company. Our advice: make sure that you as corporate data admin know which devices log into your network.
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Check out this video below from Funk-e for an extra explanation.


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