Working as a digital nomad with help of the cloud

Many people have already beaten you to this. Digital nomading is a growing phenomenon in the business world. The exact amount of people that work with this new method is not yet established, but it is a growing number. Enjoying a nice sunset while finishing off a business deal is the newest development in online business and negotiations.

Traveling around the world while working in the Cloud?

Because of the new developments in technology, you don’t need to stay in one place to do your job. A lot of important business data is often already stored online such as business documents, contact list, pictures and your personal calendar. Communicating digitally with customers or potential business partners has become a non-issue. Through different sources like Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting you can be accessible anywhere you like trough an online videoconference.


Freedom as a digital nomad

Digital nomading is mostly prominent among young self-employed entrepreneurs, who have interest in seeing the world. Digital nomading basically involves running a business from the road, while having the freedom to visit new places around the world whenever you like. Geo-arbitrage also plays a factor in digital nomading; sometimes living and working abroad might be cheaper then the country of origin. This makes it easier to save money, while traveling to far destinations and still earning your salary.

Digital nomads work in various branches, such as but not limited to:

• Writing
• Consultancy
• Graphic design
• Photography
• Web shops


Secured by Cloud computing

Cloud computing plays an important part in the life of a digital nomad. It makes it easier for the traveling freelancer to access all documents at any point in time from any location. This also facilitates collaborations between different countries. Just imagine that during traveling your laptop is stolen! With Cloud computing all your important data still securely saved in the Cloud. In vBoxxCloud there is even a special feature called ‘unlink’. This allows you to log into your Cloud from a different device and delete your Cloud Sync tool from your stolen or lost device. This ensures that no one can access your important files or company data.

It is without doubt that working from your home, the library, a restaurant, or even from abroad has become one of the most common things and Cloud Computing has added value to this process. Sign up with vBoxxCloud and explore the definite advantages of this new technology!

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