Common mistakes you should avoid when collaborating online

On the surface, collaborating in a team should be a simple affair, if you are open to new ideas and willing to solve problems as a team, collaboration goes smoothly.  Naturally, complications can always appear and collaborating becomes a more complicated effort. Here are common mistakes teams make when collaborating online.

Editing documents in separate applications 

The more we move forward the less time we want to spend switching apps, there are several advantages to use a centralized platform. Your company can cut costs when using a cloud platform that offers added benefits besides simple cloud storage.

Editing documents online is useful for teams that need constant access to shared documents.  Having permanent access to a Word, Excel or Powerpoint file, and being able to edit them online even if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed makes the work process smoother.

Adding to this, cloud solutions that offer file versioning and continuous backup, add an extra layer of security. Document changes will be kept, and if you delete a file by mistake you can recover it.

Lack of communication when editing a document 

When a team is working on a single document, discrepancies can pop up. After all the work environment tends to have a diverse background, with different perspectives, opinions and styles.

Good communication is essential to make sure your project has a single voice and is as clear as possible. When working on a document in vBoxxCloud you can add comments for others to see, and chatting in real time gives you the ability to communicate directly with other co-authors.

Not preparing for the worst 

You have significantly edited an important report, and in the next day you realize that all the hard work is gone or changed. File versioning will come in handy, as you can revert the changes to a specific point in time, saving hours of work.

One of the main advantages of collaborating in the cloud, is not only the flexibility it gives teams by enabling access anywhere they are, but also because it provides a safety net in case the worst happens.

Start a vBoxxCloud trial a see for yourself how working in the cloud can make you more productive.




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