Track Changes

Monitor changes in real-time and manage who has access to content.

Chat and Review

Chat with co-authors and add comments to review later.

Works with Office

Word, Powerpoint and Excel formats are all supported.

Presentation Mode

Spend less time switching tools, and more time developing ideas.

Edit documents anywhere, at any time

Edit, create and share documents online wherever you go.

Change documents on the go

Customize document styling on the go, while chatting in-real-time.

Your documents in one place

No external applications needed. Keep your documents secure in vBoxxCloud.

Chat in real-time while editing document with the vBoxxCloud online document editing tool.

Project collaboration in the cloud

Centralize work with vBoxxCloud and keep your team's projects organized in a shared space.

  • Wide range of formatting tools available.
  • Chat in real-time while editing documents.
  • Add, view and monitor changes and comments.
  • Ready to start collaborating?