Becoming a cloud reseller

Becoming a company partner, reselling products and/or services and being the point of contact for customers. This is what a reseller does, but what are the benefits of becoming a cloud reseller?

What kind of reseller can I be?

Reselling products and/or services is possible in various sectors, so it is important to know where your interests lie. Choose a product and/or service that you are specialized in, so that reselling is easier to manage and grow!

Reseller negotiating
vBoxx also offers the possibility to become a reseller.

Choose a solution designed for companies

vBoxxCloud is designed for businesses. If you are reselling a cloud solution, the more you can customize the better. Branding is particularly important, since you want to show your company logo and branding to your clients. You can adjust the settings in the organisation settings of vBoxxCloud, so you can easily change the logos, names and emails. This even works through to the applications on the different desktops. This is a handy tool for companies and for you as a reseller!

Sell a cloud solution that is easy to scale

In addition to team folders, there is also an option to divide the cloud into multiple organisations. In this way you can set different policies for each customer.

This feature will help you manage all your customers in your cloud environment. Each customer gets his own organisation. You determine what rights customers have and how much storage and users are allocated.

A cloud environment that is easy to manage

With vBoxxCloud you can manage multiple organisations in the same environment, so each organisation has its own settings and is completely independent of other organisations. This is useful for the franchise, subsidiaries or divisions within large companies. 

Free guest users

If you want to share files with people outside the company, that’s no problem. All files can be shared by creating a free guest user. There is no limit to the number of guest users that can be created. Access rights can also be set for guest users.

Share files securely

The rights of the (guest) users in the cloud can be set. For example, you can set who can view, add and/or modify which document. You can restrict permissions and folders for colleagues, so that only the right files are shared.

For each team share you can set whether a user can see a team share and what the rights of that specific user are. You can collaborate with different people with different roles in the same folder.

Sharing files

Strong security is important for your customer data

Our servers are located in the heavily secured Dutch data center MainCubes. All your data is therefore safely stored.

All files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. The two-step verification is available as an extra security step, so no one can access your data in the cloud without permission.

Continuous backup will help avoid future issues

With comprehensive recovery features in the cloud, your files are never really gone. Sometimes it happens that you accidentally delete a file and/or folder, but the rollback option makes it easy to restore old versions of files and/or folders.

If you must deal with a ransomware attack, your files are still not gone. With the anti-ransomware feature, Snapshot, files and/or folders can be restored to a specific point in the past.

No file size limitations

vBoxxCloud ensures that you can use the cloud without any limitations in speed and file size. If your customers upload videos or small documents, our cloud environment does not limit their size.

With team shares, you work together in the cloud, from your own computer or the web version. Files are locked so there are no errors when editing and everyone is always up to date with the latest versions of the files.

A cloud ideal for different business sectors

Our cloud without any limits is suitable for various industries: healthcare, construction, lawyers, administrative, non-profit and self-employed. More and more companies from different business sectors find it important to use a secure cloud environment.

Files are accessible at all times

vBoxxCloud is accessible from all devices through applications for iOS, Windows, Android and more. The web version is easy to use, and all files are always in sync. So, you can work anywhere with vBoxxCloud.

How do I become a cloud reseller?

You can become a reseller within one day. Create a free trial and discover vBoxxCloud. To get acquainted with vBoxxCloud you can schedule a free 1-on-1 tour. During this tour, a vBoxx employee explains how the cloud works.

A vBoxx employee gives an online demo
Schedule a free 1-on-1 tour now!

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