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Organizing file structures and important documents becomes easier with vBoxxCloud. Our cloud platform offers quick and easy access to files and offers granular access permissions.

Medical Support

In healthcare, every minute matters. Patient information and other confidential data needs to be protected. vBoxxCloud offers a platform that is not only secure but easy to use.


Marketing companies often have teams that need collaborate on the same files. Our synchronization tool is available for almost all devices ensures that all files are quickly available to the entire team.


Logistic companies need quick access to the right data. vBoxxCloud helps these type of companies maintain a smooth operation, offering access on multiple devices. Companies become more flexible with access on the go.

What our resellers say about vBoxxCloud

"vBoxx is a good company where you can confidently house your customers. Support is nice and fast, and behind the helpdesk are people who knowledgeable."

"As an entrepeneur data are my main sources. So safe data management is crucial. The products and services of vBoxx are great."

"vBoxx is easy to use. The customer service is also very friendly and helpful. The migration to vBoxx has been very pleasant."