What is ransomware?

While it may sound like a threat of modern times, ransomware has been around for 30 years. Today hackers can threaten your files using email with false advertisements that can lock your files. To recover your files, you will have to pay a specific amount of money. In many cases, the files are never recovered.

what is ransomware?

WannaCry: biggest ransomware outbreak so far

While viruses have been a big threat, ransomware attacks are by far more harmful. It can completely halt the operations of a company since it holds all valuable documents as a hostage preventing any access or possible recovery.

More and more companies are protecting themselves against this type of attack, but in May 2017 it became painfully clear that there is more than enough to achieve for hackers. This ransomware outbreak, also known as WannaCry, has infected more than 200,000 PCs in around 150 different countries.

wannacry ransomware threat

Never lose important files to ransomware

No Ransomware attack has been able to outweigh vBoxxCloud!
This feature is included for free in vBoxxCloud.

Easy to follow cloud activity

Easily find out when and where files are infected in the vBoxxCloud activity log.

Never contaminate other team folders

Files that are infected will not impact files in other team folders. This prevents further spread of ransomware.

vBoxxCloud filters out ransomware

Our ransomware filter is always up-to-date. Known ransomware threats will are rejected from the cloud.

Recover your files in a few seconds

In just a few steps, the entire organization can continue working as if nothing had ever happened.

anti-ransomware with vboxxcloud

Best Practices against Ransomware

You can implement a few measures to help control the risk of ransomware infection.

Backup your files

A good rule of thumb is to keep a backup of your files. If you use a vBoxxCloud you are already keeping a copy of your files online.

Block ransomware file extensions

If you can prevent certain file extensions from being uploaded to the cloud, you have already won half of the battle against ransomware.

Separate working areas

vBoxxCloud gives you various options to divide users into different working areas to recover from ransomware infection quickly.

Prevent users from performing specific actions

Limiting what users can do will be helpful to prevent significant file changes, such as ransomware infection.

Quick recovery infrastructure

It is essential to have an option to quickly recover your files in case they are deleted or modified.

Monitor Cloud Activity

If a user suddenly changes many file names that is a good indicator that a ransomware attack occurred

Educate users

If users can identify suspicious emails and harmful files they can effectively help reduce the risk of infection.

Exclusive online access

Ransomware access files locally to change them. Give exclusive online access to users. Establish share expiration dates.

Did you know?

The anti-ransomware function of vBoxxCloud does not go back in time, but makes a copy of the past? The biggest advantage of this is that you can use this feature for much more than just ransomware attacks. In addition, the old-fashioned rollback function loses the work that you have created in the meantime. With this function, it will continue to be neat.

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