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Dropbox: More Than 68 Million Accounts Details Leak

Several media outlets are reporting that Dropbox has been hacked. It is estimated that over 66 million users’ email addresses and passwords were dumped on the internet.

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Cloud Computing

The good, the bad and the ugly of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is driving innovation in many European industries. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), “70% of software revenues are based on cloud code”. Whether they are delivered as SaaS, PaaS or on premise software, the IDC predicts the Cloud will have a significant impact on revenue in the coming years. 

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Is Dropbox for business safe?

Today’s blog post is part of an ongoing series where we share some thoughts about other Cloud services and how they compare with vBoxxCloud. To read the first post of the series, click here.

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Consumerization of Cloud Services - Part II

Keep your business data away from the U.S.

The recent years have introduced us to a countless amount of new technologies, new hacks, all in one way or another meant to improve, ease or brighten our lives. Starting with know-it-all Google, ending with a phone that fits a camera, calendar, calculator and basically whatever you want in your pocket, we have been able to witness some breakthrough innovations.

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Trust and Security in the Cloud - vBoxxCloud Blog

Trust and Security in the Cloud

It is undeniable that cloud computing has a tremendous impact in delivering greater business flexibility and at times lowering IT costs. While we see more companies joining the Cloud, Cloud computing and Cloud data security is still often questioned and under scrutiny.

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vBoxxCloud - Sbeveilig

Security risks of consumer-grade Cloud services

Consumer-grade Cloud solutions present many challenges to companies looking for a reliable Cloud platform. As we have mentioned in previous posts, businesses value the control and visibility of sensitive data.

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