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Trust and Security in the Cloud

It is undeniable that cloud computing has a tremendous impact in delivering greater business flexibility and at times lowering IT costs. While we see more companies joining the Cloud, Cloud computing and Cloud data security is still often questioned and under scrutiny.

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Security risks of consumer-grade Cloud services

Consumer-grade Cloud solutions present many challenges to companies looking for a reliable Cloud platform. As we have mentioned in previous posts, businesses value the control and visibility of sensitive data.

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Internet protection regulations are changing, do you know your privacy rights?

‘From 23-29 October 2015, Amsterdam will be the place to be for privacy and data protection specialists from across the globe, as three renowned international privacy conferences are held in Amsterdam that week. The Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2015 will last from 23-26 October; and from 26-29 October, the 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference will take place.’

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Microsoft Windows 10: what about your privacy?

There is a lot of information circulating on the Internet currently about the new Windows 10 software upgrade, both positive and negative. By means of this article, we will try to create a clear picture of this new Windows 10 software, helping you take the right decision regarding the security of storing your company data.

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The use of encryption to secure your personal data

It is safe to say that every company wants to have their data protected. It seems very simple, but encrypting important files has become a major point of discussion in the last few months. Official security authorities feel that encrypting data gives criminals the possibility to conceal their illegal activities.

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Six Security Features of vBoxxCloud to Fix Dropbox Issues

People use Dropbox because it is easy-to-use and of course because it is useful. Companies have a hard time avoiding Dropbox use in the workplace because they struggle to propose an alternative that offers the same functionalities, while solving security issues known to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and similar consumer applications.

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