Your Workplace Online: Mail, File Sharing and Webhosting

Are you looking for a handy all-in-one Pack including Mail, File Sharing and your website online? The new All in One Pack from vBoxx gives you access to all the tools you need in the office.

3 tools in one – Documents – Email – Website

Our Productivity Suite, offers three tools for an excellent price. vBoxxCloud makes managing your company files safe and easy. Kerio Connect, gives you permanent access to your email, calendar and notes, wherever you go. The All in One pack also includes a full webhosting account. Choose a domain name and quickly setup your own website online.

Your documents in the cloud

With vBoxxCloud you will have full control over the information you share, who can access it and where. Be able to access your files on the go and securely share them with colleagues and external parties!

vboxxCloud makes it possible to easily restore deleted files or previous versions of your documents.  File Recovery and Secure Sharing are important features of vBoxxCloud, all your data is stored on our own hardware or on-premises in the Netherlands, making it a secure file sharing and cloud solution for you.

Another great feature of vBoxxCloud is File Locking. When working together with others you can prevent file collisions by locking the file and preventing others from making unwanted changes. This way only the last version and your modifications will be synchronized.

Your email in the cloud

Kerio Connect is more than just a mail server. You can email in the Cloud and will have permanent access to your own e-mail accounts, including maintenance and support from all over the world.

Never miss out on any appointments or deadlines anymore. Kerio gives you access to an online agenda, address book, notepad and contact list that synchronize with all your devices, helping you so stay up-to-date with all your appointments.

Moreover, we are concerned about your security, Spam Filters and Anti-Virus Software are activated by default to protect your email in the Cloud.  We can guarantee a hosting uptime of at least 99,99 percent.

A complete web hosting package

Our web hosting bundle has all the tools you need to publish your website online. vBoxx offers you a reliable platform, whether you are building your website from scratch or setting it up on WordPress. Benefit from our optimized platform and fast connection speeds. A free SSL Certificate is included to make sure your website is secure and looks safe to visitors.

Order your All-in-one package and benefit from a range of products that will help you be more productive and successful. We offer 24/7 support and are ready to help and guide you along the way.

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