From online communication to online collaboration

Working together is essential for the growth and development of a company. Through the newest technological changes collaborating with colleagues has become much more efficient. Distances are no longer an obstacle in the current work environment. Employees have become more accessible than ever before, not only for each other but also for the customer.

How developed is the communication in your company?

Incorporating new digital communication tools has many benefits for a company. The integration of tools such as telephone, videoconferencing, desktop sharing, instant messaging and chatting modes into one platform saves a lot of time and money for companies. Such a platform should be stable, safe and trustworthy, to make working together and the mutual communication as productive as possible.

To turn this new digital way of collaboration into a success, it is essential that staff can easily contact each other and customers. A user should be equally able to approach someone at a distance, as well as someone who is across their desk. There are different online collaboration tools that can support this process. These tools are often Cloud-based and thereby reachable from any workplace in the world.

Collaboration in the Cloud

With the help of these collaboration tools, it is possible to have multiple users working on a project at the same time; therefore making it unnecessary for employees to e-mail files to each other, since the documents are stored in the Cloud. Having a main Cloud solution means that the company’s data can be accessible for everyone. This also means that incorrect or outdated files are ancient history. It is those in debatable advantages that will ensure that digital and efficient collaboration will be increasingly integrated in the existing business process and hence in companies worldwide.

The benefits of working online

These digital collaboration tools will not only facilitate the mutual contact in a company, but also the contact and service towards clients can be organized online. 
Digital collaboration with a customer has many benefits:

  • speed is maintained, your company is no longer tied to time and place;
  • cost reduction, mainly on postage expenses, paper and contact hours;
  • optimization of document flows, all your files are in a central place;
  • security, one place where files are managed and monitored.

Through this new way of collaborating it has become incredibly easy to initiate contact and work together on projects across the world, even if there is a huge distance between the users. A collaboration tool like vBoxxCloud can assist you with this as well. Want to know more about vBoxxCloud? Visit our website!


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