Easy for the user

Access your files from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone around the world.

Secure File Sharing

Share files and folders with other users or external parties with a secure hyperlink.

Edit Documents Online

View and edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel files without downloading them.

File Locking

Avoid file collisions while working on a file by locking the file you are editing.

Recover Deleted Files

Restore deleted documents and unwanted changes in the cloud.

Two-factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security for maximum security access.

Offline Synchronisation

The vBoxx sync tool synchronizes content automatically to the cloud.

Advanced for the administrator

Keep track of all activity, bandwidth and storage per device, organization and user.

Reports and Alerts

Receive automatic reports and alerts to effectively manage your data and organization.

Remote Wipe

Delete all cloud data from a lost or stolen device using the remote wipe functionality.


256-bit AES encryption for both in-transit and server storage.


Limit file size, extensions, retention periods, bandwidth, folder access and more.

Active Directory & LDAP Integration

Install vBoxxCloud on a file server and import user data to the cloud.

Unrestricted Bandwidth

Do you have a fast connection? So do we. We do not limit your bandwidth.

vBoxxCloud can be hosted on your own servers

On-premises Deployment

Private Cloud
For large organizations that wish to maintain their own cloud, vBoxxCloud can be hosted on-premises.

All Features Available
All features are available, whether vBoxxCloud is hosted by us or on premises.

Any Storage Device
You can connect your local file server or any other storage device to start sharing in the cloud.

Quick Deployment
Software deployment and storage connection will take less than a day when the architecture is ready.

Store your files in the cloud. Keep your documents private.

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