Sync files with the Cloud

Do you always want to have all your files at hand at any location? Then sync files with the Cloud! Keep reading to learn how to do this quickly and easily. So, what is file synchronization, and how does it work with the Cloud? In this blog, we will explain everything and provide additional tips on synchronizing files with the Cloud and automatically locking files.

What exactly is sync files with the Cloud?

Synchronizing means that all modifications to a file are matched so that all devices always have the same version. All adjustments to a file in the cloud or on the computer are linked together using synchronization, so that each version of the file always contains the most recent updates. Data is transferred from one device to another when two devices are synced. Never carry a USB stick again with those files, because you can simply open it on all your devices. Synchronize files to stay up to date at all times and to modify and share your work from anywhere.

Sync with vBoxxCloud

With vBoxxCloud, you can securely store and share documents and other important files in the cloud. You can work on the same documents with your colleagues in addition to sharing files. Create a team share, invite the necessary people, and you are ready to get started. Sync the files to your devices, and everyone with whom you collaborate will see the most recent version. You can also see who edited what in the activity log.

Sync tool

The vBoxxCloud Sync Tool allows you to quickly and easily sync the files you want to your computer. Choose which files should be stored only in the cloud and which should be synchronized with the computer. Do you have a computer with limited storage space? Then, to save space, leave the files you do not use in the Cloud. If you share vBoxxCloud with others, the Sync Tool can be used by any device. Each user can choose what he or she wants to sync to his or her own computer.

sync files with the cloud
vBoxxCloud Sync Tool

Work offline on your files

If your files are continuously synced with your devices, you can continue working on your documents offline. Work as usual in your own Explorer or Finder. As soon as you have internet connection again, all changes will be automatically updated. This is also useful if your laptop crashes unexpectedly when you are working on an important document, which means you never lose your files this way. The most recent document updates will be shown on your linked devices as well as those of other users. This is perfect for remote teammates because you never have to be in the same place at the same time.

sync files with the cloud

Unwanted changes to a document

It is possible that someone with whom you have shared a document has changed or deleted something important. You do not have to be concerned about those adjustments being lost permanently, because previous versions and deleted documents are stored by vBoxxCloud for a period of time that you specify. These can then be easily restored and viewed again.

Extra: lock files automatically

With vBoxxCloud you have the option to lock your files. This is useful not only to ensure that no work is lost, but also to prevent unwanted changes from being made while you are working on the document. You can lock any file or folder with your right mouse button that is stored in vBoxxCloud and you also decide for how long. Any user can request information about who locked the file and for how long with the right mouse button. Administrators can always unblock and remove the file lock. If the file has been locked by another user, you will receive a “Read-only” message while saving. This means that you cannot edit the file.

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