Share securely without losing control

Secure Share

Use the secure share to share only with registered users. If the person you want to share with is not registered in vBoxxCloud, a free guest user will be created to be able to access the content.

Public Share

Use the public share to share with anyone by generating a link to your content. Either send a direct e-mail or copy the link and share it as you wish.


You can receive a notification when someone downloaded or uploaded a file. If you want, Restrict the availability of your content by setting an expiration date or a maximum number of downloads.

 secure file sharing settings in vBoxxCloud

Create free guest users to share easily with external users

Free and unlimited guest users to share your files with everyone

Free guest users

Create guest accounts at no additional cost for all users you want to share securely with. Guest accounts access content through the web interface, and when they no longer need access you easily manage your created guest accounts using the “Guests” tab.

Don't lose track of your shared files

Use the “Items You Have Shared” view to monitor shared files. If you want to stop sharing or add or remove users, just edit your share.

Track your shared files from anywhere

Ready to start sharing your files securely