Share your files internally with vBoxxCloud

Team Shares

Securely share content with your team, with the help of team shares. Control who has access to folders and which devices can access team shares.

Online Collaboration

Seamlessly share content with your team using the vBoxx Sync Tool and edit Microsoft Office documents online with the online editor.

Mobile Access

Install the vBoxx Sync Tool on your laptop, smartphone or tablet and access your files anywhere you go.

vboxx sync preferences

Download our PDF and find out how to securely share files internally with vBoxxCloud!

Speaking: Wessel from vBoxx

Watch this video where Wessel tells you more about the file sharing features in vBoxxCloud. In just a few minutes you know how to share files securly around the whole world!

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Share files without losing control

Secure Share

Securely share content with anyone. If the receiver is not registered in vBoxxCloud, a free guest user account is automatically created to access the content.

Public Share

Create a public link to share files and folders quickly. Either send a direct e-mail or copy the link and share it as you would like.


Set up download and upload notifications. Restrict the availability of your content by setting an expiration date or the maximum number of downloads.

Download our PDF and find out how to securely share files externally with vBoxxCloud!

Free and unlimited guest users

Create guest accounts at no additional cost to securely share content outside your company. Guest users access content through the web interface, and admins can easily manage and track guest account activity.

guest account vboxxcloud

Keep track of your shared files

Any shares can be monitored. If you want to stop sharing, you can remove users or delete the share completely. You can track folder activity with the Activity Log.

items you have shared vboxxcloud

Share large files online via the cloud

It is increasingly common to have to share large files with your colleagues, partners or customers. Depending on the size and number of files you want to share, this can be a problem. It is often not possible via email because most email providers do not allow files larger than 10MB. With vBoxxCloud you can easily share all your large files via the cloud!

Share files via the cloud

Using a cloud solution with secure file sharing is the easiest and the most secure way to share large files.

No file size limit

In vBoxxCloud it does not matter how big the file or folder is. Easily share them through a link or a guest user.

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Ready to start sharing your files securely?

Share files with clients and partners in a secure cloud environment.

File Sharing Features

  256-Bit Encryption

  Unlimited file sharing

  Two Factor Authentication

  Customizable branding

  GDPR ready

  Outlook integration

  Online document editing

  Unlimited file versioning

  Link expiration date

  Cloud activity log

  English, German and French

  Cloud security policies

  Advanced administrative options

  Device management options

  Remote wipe

  Reports & Alerts

  File & Folder locking

  Active Directory integration

  Unlimited bandwidth

  File recovery