The use of the Cloud by Digital Natives

Teenagers born around the year of 1995 do not know a world without Internet. This generation is called generation Z and is also known as Digital Natives. These are mainly adolescents who have grown up in a digital environment, directly experiencing the evolution of technology. Surrounded by the Internet they live in a 24/7 information society, having all the knowledge within their reach. This makes it easier for them to find and filter information rapidly.

How does the new generation Z influence the way we work?

In the past few years, Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we interact socially. The young generation of digital Natives will influence the way we use modern technology and further encourage us to become part of the digital world. Around the year 2020 this generation of Digital Natives will enter the job market, bringing along their extensive knowledge of technology and hence many drastic changes. Due to this, companies will have to adapt to the new digital environment very soon if they want to stay ahead of the game.

Because of all the available information everywhere, there is a huge demand for safe storage of data. The facilitating, storing, processing and analyzing of data requires a completely different IT- infrastructure. Due to this, we see an increase in the use of Cloud services all over the world.

Risk of Dropbox

One of the most popular Cloud services is Dropbox, a free Cloud provider that is mostly used by a lot of teenagers and students. This young generation has a lot of experience with this digital concept “Cloud” and they will use this when entering the job market. Currently, for a lot of users, it is not completely clear where their data is stored when using the services of a free Cloud provider. By using free Cloud providers it is possible that your data will be stored in foreign data centers and you won’t specifically know where this is. Naturally, this can cause many risks for your files’ safety and privacy.

Safe Cloud solution

When companies have not integrated a safe and easy-to-use Cloud solution, employees will often use their own private provider. However, these personal Cloud solutions are not always safe or manageable. If your employee stores business data on a personal Cloud solution and different private devices, you cannot manage who has access to your business data. This can lead to data loss and unrestricted access to your files. By using a distinctive Cloud solution you do not need to worry about these problems, as this gives you complete control over your files and company data.

By providing you with this information we want to share our vision of a safe work environment. Not only is it crucial to have a manageable and safe Cloud solution for existing companies, but it is also beneficial for new companies to guarantee the safety of your data.

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