Share files in the cloud with vBoxxCloud

Keep your files under control, manage team shares and implement access policies.
Keep track of user activity in vBoxxCloud
Implement organization policies and manage storage quota, maximum file size, excluded extension and more.
Implement team share permissions, and control user access to shared folders
Save any changes made to files in vBoxxCloud, restore revisions to recover file versions.

Complete Overview

The Overview shows the available storage space as well as the allocation of used storage to users folders, backups and team shares.

Control Everything

Counts are shown of the number of accounts, admins, guests, machines and more.


vBoxxCloud is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Outlook.

Manage Revisions and Deleted Files

Manage file changes, specify whether users can delete files and for how long does vBoxxCloud keep them.

Business alternative to dropbox

Dropbox Alternative

Fast and stable synchronization.

Personal support.

Cloud features for business.

File recovery options

Box Alternative

Our servers are located in the Netherlands.

Benefit from Dutch favorable laws and regulations for data storage.

vBoxx cannot be requested to give up information under Dutch Law.

We don’t share or analyze your data.

Business alternative to box
Business alternative to onedrive

OneDrive Alternative

Stable synchronization.

Unlimited bandwith speed.

Ransomware recovery features.

Advanced access policies.

OwnCloud Alternative

Reliable synchronization.

More business features

Always personal support

No corrupt data

Business alternative to owncloud

Secure cloud storage for business

Keep your cloud secure by managing privacy and security limiting user access and enforcing password changes. All files are encrypted.

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