What is a secure business cloud storage?

vBoxxCloud is an online cloud service that allows you to safely store your files in our cloud and we make sure that they are safe. A business cloud storage allows:

Your files to be securely protected online in data centers in the Netherlands

Your files to be securely shared through your own cloud

Your files to always have a back-up

You to always have full insight into who can access your files

Wat is ransomware?

How does business cloud storage work at vBoxxCloud?

The next four steps explain how to safely use our business cloud storage.

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    Start a free trial or request a free demonstration

    In order to make the most out of our business cloud storage, we offer a 14-day trial version to give customers an idea of how to use our product. You may also request a free online demonstration if you prefer a personal explanation from one of our employees.

  2. 2

    Determine which users can access the cloud

    If you use our business cloud storage with multiple users, it is useful to decide the specific rights for each account. This will ensure that no unnecessary adjustments can be made.  You can also create files and decide by folder who gets access to the cloud and what they can do in that folder.

  3. 3

    Collect and upload your files

    Collect the files you would like to upload to the cloud. This can be done through our sync tool (application) or via a web browser. Don't you have any experience with this, or do you need help with it? Then there is the possibility for one of our employees to transfer your files to the cloud for free through our migration service.

  4. 4

    Access your files, wherever you are

    The files can be accessed from any device, wherever you are. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What are the advantages of a business cloud storage?

vBoxxCloud safely stores your files in one location and you can secure and block access remotely.

two-step authentication app

Highly secured

Our servers are located in highly secure data centers in the Netherlands and we do not share or analyze your data. In addition, our data center is ISO-27001 certified and we encrypt your files to protect them against hackers and viruses.

verwijder bestanden op afstand

Personal service

Our employees are always there for you, and we will treat your questions with the utmost care. If you still want more information about our product, you can request a free demonstration or we will help you transfer your files to the cloud.

gebruikersrechten cloud

Extensive monitor functions

You have the option of viewing the number of users, the bandwidth used or the latest activity. The administrator can easily locate and manage anything, and there is always full insight as to who can access the files.

Volg cloudactiviteiten

Fast synchronization

Your files can be easily and rapidly synchronized to your laptop, tablet, phone, iPad, and more. It is convenient to do this through our sync tool (application), but it can also be done via the web browser.

The reason you don't choose for free cloud storage, but for paid business cloud storage

You will probably wonder why you would spend money on cloud storage when there are free alternatives as well. Usually, when something is free, there are also disadvantages. Consider, for example, being disturbed constantly by advertisements that pop up or your personal data that can be analyzed. As a result, your personal files are often less secure compared to a paid business cloud storage.

Paid cloud storage

Highly secured

No corrupt data

Reliable synchronization

Data is never shared

Free personal support

Free cloud storage

Less reliable

Not highly secured

Data can be sold

Often disturbing ads

Only support through e-mail

beheer bestanden die buiten de organisatie worden gedeeld.

vBoxxCloud Prices

Make simple use out of our vBoxxCloud prices!
Monthly purchase | Easily scalable | Monthly terminable


  • Free guest users
  • SSL encryption
  • Advanced admin control
  • Custom branding
  • File server enablement
  • Online file editing
  • Unlimited guest users
  • Personal support
vboxxcloud AVG ready

UsersEach 8€


Storage2€ per 150GB


1 user(s)

150GB Storage



  • 500GB free 12+ users
  • 1TB free 24+ users
  • Free migration service
  • Unlimited version control
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Continuous backup
  • Dutch data centers
  • No speed limits

What are the benefits of guest users with business cloud storage?

With vBoxxCloud, you have the option of creating free guest accounts to safely and securely share files outside your business. Guest users can only access shared files through a web browser, and administrators can easily monitor their account activities.

Alternative to WeTransfer and e-mail

You never have to send files via WeTransfer or e-mail again, because you can share them securely via the cloud instantly. Learn more about safe file sharing with vBoxxCloud.

Always in control of files

Monitor which files leave your organization and what guest users share with other people.

Indicate the possibilities

You can indicate whether the guest user can also upload files, only download files or modify the file.

Share with a link

If you prefer not to have guest users on your account, you can also only use the URL link to share files. Anyone who receives this link will then be able to see your shared file.

Cloud Monitoring Tools

The data available in the admin dashboard helps admins monitor the cloud easily. Admins can find everything they need in the vBoxxCloud admin dashboard.

dashboard of vboxxcloud
machines overview in vboxxcloud
share permission roles in vboxxcloud
activity log in vboxxcloud
create activity alerts in vboxxcloud
activity reports in vboxxcloud
multitenancy in vboxxcloud
Business alternative to dropbox

Dropbox Alternative

Fast and stable synchronization

Personal support

Cloud features for business

File recovery options

Learn more about Dropbox Alternative

Google Drive Alternative

Our servers are located in the Netherlands

Benefit from Dutch favorable laws and regulations for data storage

vBoxx cannot be requested to give up information under Dutch Law

We don’t share or analyze your data

Learn more about Google Drive Alternative

Business alternative to box
Business alternative to onedrive

OneDrive Alternative

Stable synchronization.

Unlimited bandwith speed.

Ransomware recovery features.

Advanced access policies.

Learn more about OneDrive Alternative

WeTransfer Alternative

Reliable synchronization.

More business features

Always personal support

No corrupt data

Learn more about WeTransfer Alternative

Business alternative to owncloud

Secure cloud storage for business

Keep your cloud secure by managing privacy and security, limiting user access and enforcing password changes. All files are encrypted.

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