The use of encryption to secure your personal data

It is safe to say that every company wants to have their data protected. It seems very simple, but encrypting important files has become a major point of discussion in the last few months. Official security authorities feel that encrypting data gives criminals the possibility to conceal their illegal activities.

How far would you go to secure your files?

Everybody knows the extraordinary story that began in June 2013, about Edward Snowden, the whistle blower from the NSA. Snowden leaked information of several espionage activities undertaken by the NSA trough the Internet and telephone. He was the main reason that several international companies decided to use encryption software. At the time security authorities approved of this consequence, but that seems to be changing, now that access to certain data has become more unattainable.

The use of encryption

Computer criminals are using encryption software increasingly to hide themselves and their communication. Europol, the European police organisation, considers this a big problem, not only for Internet security but also for the safety of European nationals. The use of encryption software does not allow security authorities to access any encrypted files if they expect criminal activities. This is the reason why Europol’s top executive Rob Wainwright, pleads for rules to regulate strong encryption software.


This seems to be a reasonable idea but it also has its disadvantages; for instance for technology companies. These companies use encryption to secure their files or the data from their users. Companies like Apple, Google, WhatsApp are actually using a so called end- to-end encryption, which means that the data from the user is secured from outsiders and even the provider can not excess the data. Introducing new rules regarding encryption software has a negative impact on these companies. As a result of this, they have drafted a letter and sent it to US President Barack Obama to appeal against any rules for decrypting data.



Secure data assurance by encryption

Nowadays, companies use this important encryption software to guarantee the safety of their customers data. For a lot of Cloud companies encrypting their customers data is essential. Customers want to have the assurance that their files or data are in safe hands. This also applies for the Dutch company vBoxx. The product vBoxxCloud gives national and international customers the guarantee that their data is securely stored in the Netherlands without any external access.

We are all very curious to know about the response from President Obama and expect that there will be a suitable solution for safety as well as privacy. As soon as we have more information about this matter we will be sure to update you! So follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to receive the latest news.



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