Online hard drive: working safely in the cloud

Imagine you have been working on an important paper for a long time, and then your computer unexpectedly shuts down, resulting in the loss of the file. If you worked on this paper locally on your computer, you would probably never be able to restore it. If you had used an online hard drive, this would never have happened. So, what exactly is an online hard drive, and what are its benefits?

What is an online hard drive?

An online hard drive is essentially a place where you can store, edit, and share your files online. These documents are saved automatically in the cloud, meaning that your work is never lost. When working in the cloud, you can do so in two ways. Directly in your web browser or using a synchronization tool on your computer or mobile device. You can compare it to a USB stick, except that these files are also stored in a secure online environment.

How to easily share files with an online hard drive?

It is certainly convenient to have data securely saved in the cloud, but there are several other options accessible to you. You can, for example, securely exchange files with others. You can easily exchange files with your colleagues or external users with a few clicks. Our online hard drive, vBoxxCloud, is a good example. Create team folders with the desired users if you wish to share or edit files internally with them. All folders will be synchronized with the selected users, and everyone will be able to see the files in the team folder as well as the most recent changes.

It is also possible to share files with external users via vBoxxCloud using a free guest account or a URL link. More info on:

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Why is an online hard drive better than an external hard drive?

The main advantage of our online hard drive over an external hard drive is that documents are never lost. Everything is stored for you at vBoxxCloud, and you always have a backup of every folder and file. Deleted files and versions can also be recovered. This is useful when you accidentally delete documents or versions. With an online hard drive, you can also be certain that your data is safe from unexpected threats. Think of power outages, the loss of an external hard drive, a fire, or viruses. This will mean that you have permanently lost your documents. You no longer have to worry about losing data because the online cloud environment protects you from this.

Work on the web and on your own computer

You can work securely on documents in the cloud when online in a web browser. You can do so in the shared team folders with your colleagues. See each other’s changes in real time and chat in the document. Prefer not to work in an online web browser? Download the vBoxxCloud Sync Tool on your desktop and work securely in the cloud on your own device. All newly created folders, documents, and adjustments on the computer are automatically synchronized with the cloud and all other users with whom the folders are shared.

More info can be found on:

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The security of our online hard drive

At vBoxxCloud, your privacy is of the utmost importance! All of your files are securely stored and encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption in our Dutch Data Center. We encrypt the files in vBoxxCloud for you automatically, so you don’t have to do anything else. Furthermore, we are GDPR compliant, ensuring that you can comply with Dutch privacy rules. At vBoxxCloud, we guarantee that your data will never be analyzed or shared with third parties. Do you want to know where your data is stored and how secure it is? Check out:

Try vBoxxCloud for free

Are you curious about what else is possible with vBoxxCloud? Start a free trial! During the 14 days trial version you can discover how our online cloud works and what you can do with it. If you cannot figure it out yourself or if you prefer more information about the online hard drive, schedule a free online 1-on-1 tour. One of our experts will explain everything you need to know about vBoxxCloud in 30-60 minutes. Here you will also have the opportunity to ask all of your questions.

Keep your files safe, choose vBoxxCloud!

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