Microsoft breaches the GDPR

Microsoft breaches the GDPR and puts Dutch government at risk

A recent assessment carried out by the Dutch ministry of justice and security revealed that Microsoft is violating the GDPR. The 90-page-long report has concluded that the tech giant is potentially putting the privacy of more than 300,000 Dutch government employees at risk with its Microsoft Office platform.

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Six months after GDPR: are you still up to date?

Six months after the GDPR: are you still up to date?

Six months ago on May 25, the new GDPR privacy law was introduced. After an overload of information prior to the GDPR, it is surprisingly quiet after the introduction. The fear of the high fines and that companies would perish under GDPR seems to have faded over time. Or not? Do you know all the rules and do companies really follow them?

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facts about data centers you didn't know

Impressive facts about data centers you didn’t know

Today, everyone is dealing with data: from huge corporations to web-shops to banks and government. The total amount of data is continuously increasing. To get a better understanding of the speed of its growth, consider that 90 % of all world data was created only in the past 2 years. We build data centers to help store, manage, and disseminate this data. They serve as facilities that allow organizations to centralize IT operations. Read more

Make most of your vBoxxCloud experience

Make the most of your vBoxxCloud experience

Working in the Cloud allows you to store your files online and access them from anywhere. That also makes it possible to collaborate with your colleagues online, or share documents with clients. While these benefits are well-known among cloud users, there are features that many people are still not aware of.

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Your guide to the 4 types of AI

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for a while and the word is often linked to images of robots enslaving humans and creating a new world order. Movies like the Terminator or I, Robot, show the negative extremes artificial intelligence could lead to, but the situation is nowhere near that bad. Read more

Gandcrab ransomware? Don’t lose access to your files!

Gandcrab ransomware? Don’t lose access to your files!

Paying 1,000 euros to get your own files back is not something you are looking forward to. Yet it can happen if you get a ransomware virus on your computer. But what is ransomware? How do you get it, and most importantly what can you do about it? Read more