vBoxxCloud Update: Online Document Editing & New Desktop Client

Many vBoxxCloud users were eagerly waiting for the ability to edit documents in vBoxxCloud, and today online collaboration has finally arrived. The new update gives you tools to create, edit and present content
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keep your privacy on android devices - vBoxxCloud

How to protect your privacy on android devices?

We have reached a point, where your data is valuable to many. Whether we are talking about scammers or government agencies, anyone can try to access your data. It’s a good idea, to make sure your privacy settings are well configured. Read more

5 tips for comparing cloud services | cloud diensten

5 tips for comparing cloud services

When cloud services offer a healthy amount of GB’s for a cheap price, it is very tempting to look only at the price. However, in these situations it is crucial to know what is behind the curtain. Cloud providers have found various ways to stay ahead of the competition. Read more

Openbare wifi - public Wi-Fi

How to keep your devices safe while on vacation?

Laptops, tablets, smartphones we all use them, and even when take some days off, one of them will always be with you. Whether you need to share the gorgeous views or quickly check your work email, it’s important to be aware of how safe Read more

slow synchronization

Why is my cloud synchronization speed so slow?

One of the main advantages of working in the cloud is the ability to quickly share and access files from any device on the go. However, synchronization speed can be detrimental to the experience. Slow upload and download speed could make your life Read more

WannaCry Ransomware attack: How to protect your computer?

WannaCry Ransomware attack: How to protect your computer?

Since Friday 12th May, the WannaCry ransomware has hit 150 countries. More that 45,000 attacks were recorded in countries that included the UK, India, Russia and China.

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