Governments requesting more personal data from Facebook

Facebook personal data requests have been increasing since 2013. Governments worldwide have been increasingly requesting user data,according to Facebook’s Government Requests Report. Read more

How to protect yourself from the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability?

How to protect yourself from the KRACK vulnerability?

On Monday we have received some bad news regarding Wi-Fi network security. Wi-Fi networks are at risk of being hacked based on a recently discovered vulnerability (Key Reinstallation Attacks).  Read more

How will the GDPR impact your business? - vBoxxCloud

How will the GDPR impact your business?

General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR in short, will change how businesses handle data. Our GDPR guide helps you understand what will change for your company, and what you can do to be compliant with the new regulation. Read more

migrating data

5 things to consider when migrating data to the cloud

Managers quickly find out that cloud computing has its disadvantages without the right strategy. Risks around the cloud continue to exist, it can be affected by technical issues, and current cyber security threats.  Read more

woman working in the office - misleading beliefs about cloud computing

7 misleading beliefs about cloud computing

Do you want to use the cloud but are skeptical about online solutions? Cloud computing is currently part of the business life and media. However, many misleading beliefs about the cloud still exist and you can find them all over the internet. Read more

Company risks of using your own hardware for file saving/sharing

Hard Drives, SSD’s, USB-Sticks, NAS, Cloud: are the options available to save data externally.  The ideal media storage solution, should be large, fast and secure. Each solution presents its set of advantages and disadvantages. Read more