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Dropbox: More Than 68 Million Accounts Details Leak

Several media outlets are reporting that Dropbox has been hacked. It is estimated that over 66 million users’ email addresses and passwords were dumped on the internet.

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SaaS and the importance of Customer Support - vBoxxCloud Blog

SaaS and the importance of Customer Support

A recent Cloud Tech article states that “behind every great tech innovation is the need for effective tech implementation”. At vBoxx we agree with this statement. It is important for Cloud providers to help customers integrate as best as possible our Cloud services.

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Top Cloud Computing Threats

7 Top Cloud Computing Threats

A recent report from the Cloud Security Alliance identified the biggest threats to Cloud Computing. Today we highlight some of them while identifying vBoxxCloud features that help prevent these threats. 

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Is Dropbox for business safe?

Today’s blog post is part of an ongoing series where we share some thoughts about other Cloud services and how they compare with vBoxxCloud. To read the first post of the series, click here.

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vBoxxCloud - Secure File Sharing for Business

Consumerization of Cloud Services – Part I

Consumerization of Cloud Services is not a recent concept, but it is one that has significantly changed the workplace environment. With the expansion of Cloud Services, IT consumerization is becoming more prevalent and today we witness a blend of personal and business use of technology. Whether we are talking about technology devices, applications or Cloud services, this has serious implications on how effective businesses can be.

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Consumerization of Cloud Services - Part II

Consumerization of Cloud Services – Part II

Consumerization of Cloud Services as discussed in Part I has changed the workplace and it’s shaping how companies view Cloud Services. Today, we highlight issues that come from using consumer grade solutions. The rapid expansion of cloud services during the last two to three years brought many challenges for companies. In particular, managing sensitive information became more difficult.

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