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vBoxxCloud a world of possibilities!

vBoxxCloud is a robust cloud service, that allows businesses to share documents everywhere. The powerful admin panel together with the intuitive user interface offer the best of both worlds. Admins will appreciate the policy customization options, and users will benefit from no bandwidth limitations, sharing with vBoxxCloud is easy and very fast!

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vBoxxCloud is Reaching New Heights - vBoxxCloud Blog

vBoxxCloud is reaching new heights

vBoxxCloud is reaching new heights. What started as an efficient Cloud tool 3 years ago is today a robust and unique Cloud platform. The availability of our infrastructure plays an important role in today’s business environment. When vBoxx was created we envisioned a streamlined and efficient business world, ensuring the highest availability of internet services, avoiding downtime, VboxxCloud has become the embodiment of this vision.

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Introducing Leitz Cloud by vBoxx at CeBIT - vBoxxCloud Blog

Introducing Leitz Cloud by vBoxx at CeBIT

This week vBoxx is at CeBIT supporting our partner Leitz with their new Cloud service Leitz Cloud by vBoxx. As soon as we have arrived at the conference, it was impossible not to feel excited, CeBIT a conference that lives and breathes technology is a world of wonder. Especially for those of you who are tech enthusiasts.

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vBoxxCloud - Secure File Sharing for Business

Go green with Cloud Computing

Many companies today realize the benefits of corporate social responsibility. They increasingly pay attention to the effects that their management and business has on people, the environment and society at large. For every company, this focus on corporate social responsibility is different. Generally, people are more conscious about the impact of business on the environment and Cloud providers should be no exception and offer eco-friendly solutions.

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wuala shutting down vboxxcloud blog

Wuala is shutting down, are you looking for a stable and secure alternative?

The encrypted cloud storage company Wuala announced that they are shutting down their service. Wuala was founded in 2007 in Switzerland and was sold to LaCie, a French manufacturer of external storage devices, in 2009. Read more

public, private, hybrid cloud vboxxcloud blog

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud, the different structures

In the previous blog we thoroughly discussed the several layers of the Cloud. In this blog we would like to tell you more about the different Cloud structures: Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud. With this blog we will try to create a clear picture of these different Cloud structures, to facilitate your choice of the best Cloud structure for your company.

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