Consumerization of Cloud Services – Part II

Consumerization of Cloud Services as discussed in Part I has changed the workplace and it’s shaping how companies view Cloud Services. Today, we highlight issues that come from using consumer grade solutions. The rapid expansion of cloud services during the last two to three years brought many challenges for companies. In particular, managing sensitive information became more difficult.

At vBoxx we noticed that an increasing number of companies are avoiding consumer grade solutions. The consumerization of Cloud Services can have various consequences. Without a solid administration platform, confidentiality breaches become a problem. Security is also an issue, in many cases employees tend to install their own Cloud software, limiting the control over where, the data is located and how it is accessed. Consumer level solutions, generally do not provide the flexibility and reliability, our service provides.

vBoxxCloud, a reliable enterprise alternative

vBoxxCloud is a Cloud solution thought and made for businesses. We know that our customers adopt this service due to its versatility and how robust it is. In today’s competitive market, choosing the right Cloud solution has a significant impact on your business. It is important to make a clear distinction between consumer and business grade solutions, as both address different customer groups. More importantly features such as:

Data Management Policies

Activity Tracking Alerts

File Server Enablement

File Locking

Are simply not present in consumer cloud solutions. These features and more are all offered by vBoxxCloud, and we consider them essential for any company. We offer the flexibility that your business needs, and give you full control of where, when and how your information is stored.


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