Wuala is shutting down, are you looking for a stable and secure alternative?

The encrypted cloud storage company Wuala announced that they are shutting down their service. Wuala was founded in 2007 in Switzerland and was sold to LaCie, a French manufacturer of external storage devices, in 2009.

These are three important dates you should know if you are a Wuala user:

17 August 2015
30 September 2015
15 November 2015
No further renewals or purchase of storage
Wuala service will transition to read-only
Wuala service will terminate and delete all data

Although Wuala will no longer be offering storage service, alternative options are available for users that need encrypted Cloud storage.

vBoxxCloud is a fantastic alternative, here are three reasons why you should contact us:

1. vBoxx service
We understand how inconvenient it is to have to transfer bulks of data stored throughout the years, which is why we would like to offer a special price, without any strings attached, to all Wuala users looking for an alternative. Beside that, we are known for excellent services for businesses who need to complete large data migrations. We would love to offer you free support to help you transfer your data to vBoxxCloud.

2. Features

3. Location
Our data is stored in data centers within The Netherlands. The Netherlands has excellent laws and regulations in relation to data storage and privacy. vBoxx cannot be requested to give up or reveal information according to Dutch and EU laws and regulations. Also, as vBoxx is not an American company, is not a subsidiary of any American company and has no American employees, it cannot be forced to surrender data to the United States of America. Companies such as Microsoft and Dropbox can aim to provide data storage only within the EU; but cannot avoid certain legal obligations they have for American companies.

Start now and make sure your files are moved to vBoxxCloud before 15 November 2015, otherwise Wuala will delete all of your data.

We want to make your transition to vBoxxCloud as easy as possible and offer you a special 15% discount on your first year of vBoxxCloud. This discount is valid until 31 October 2015. Use the following coupon with your order:

We look forward to welcoming you soon to vBoxxCloud!

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