All information in one dashboard

Keep your files under control, manage team shares and implement access policies.
Keep track of user activity in vBoxxCloud
Implement organization policies and manage storage quota, maximum file size, excluded extension and more.
Implement team share permissions, and control user access to shared folders
Save any changes made to files in vBoxxCloud, restore revisions to recover file versions.

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Admin dashboard

The admin dashboard helps you monitor device and user statistics. Keep track of available storage space and device activity.

Company-wide control

As an admin you can keep track of the number of accounts, machines, and set up access policies for your organization.

Measure cloud activity

Follow recent activity and set up alerts to always be up to date about what happens in your organization.

Manage revisions and deleted files

Monitor data backups and file history. Implement file retention policies and recover deleted files.

Manage privacy and security by limiting admin access to personal files and by enforcing password changes and two-step authentication.

Prevent data security breaches

Monitor user access to folders and protect accounts from harmful access with two-factor authentication.

Customize policies

Create custom policies for different organizations and customize storage, bandwidth and authorized file extensions.

Customize policies and create different policies for different sub organizations and customize storage, bandwidth and authorized file extensions.

Explore vBoxxCloud and discover a new way of working in the cloud

Keep track of how much storage quota is being used in multiple devices

Data monitoring alerts

Create alerts in vBoxxCloud to receive email and text message notifications based on user and file activity.

Unlimited bandwidth

vBoxxCloud does not limit your bandwidth. Admins can customize bandwidth usage for any sub-organization.

vBoxxCloud does not limit yoru bandwidth, if your internet connection is slow, configure vBoxxCloud badwidth per machine or organization

Centrally manage your devices

All mobile devices, laptops and desktops are shown in one simple overview as well as the organization they belong to.

Manage Devices

Avoid synchronization issues by verifying whether the devices are up-to-date or currently connected.

Monitor Access

Manage file access for each device. If a device is lost or stolen, use the Remote Wipe feature to delete all files.

manage devices with vBoxxCloud