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Introducing Leitz Cloud by vBoxx at CeBIT

This week vBoxx is at CeBIT supporting our partner Leitz with their new Cloud service Leitz Cloud by vBoxx. As soon as we have arrived at the conference, it was impossible not to feel excited, CeBIT a conference that lives and breathes technology is a world of wonder. Especially for those of you who are tech enthusiasts.

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Barracuda discontinues Copy and CudaDrive

Barracuda Networks recently announced that Copy and CudaDrive Services will be discontinued on May 1st. Similar to vBoxx services Copy and CudaDrive provided accessible cloud services and sharing functionality, millions of users were impacted with these news.

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Internet protection regulations are changing, do you know your privacy rights?

‘From 23-29 October 2015, Amsterdam will be the place to be for privacy and data protection specialists from across the globe, as three renowned international privacy conferences are held in Amsterdam that week. The Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2015 will last from 23-26 October; and from 26-29 October, the 37th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference will take place.’

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Microsoft Windows 10: what about your privacy?

There is a lot of information circulating on the Internet currently about the new Windows 10 software upgrade, both positive and negative. By means of this article, we will try to create a clear picture of this new Windows 10 software, helping you take the right decision regarding the security of storing your company data.

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Increasing popularity of wearables in the corporate world

New intelligent devices that we can wear on our body approaching the current market, these devices are called wearables. A very famous example of such is the recently launched Apple Watch.

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From online communication to online collaboration

Working together is essential for the growth and development of a company. Through the newest technological changes collaborating with colleagues has become much more efficient. Distances are no longer an obstacle in the current work environment. Employees have become more accessible than ever before, not only for each other but also for the customer.

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