still using onedrive

Still using OneDrive?

OneDrive has been through various transformations throughout time. When Microsoft’s file hosting service was launched it started as Windows Live Folders, changed into Windows Live SkyDrive, and later settled into OneDrive. Similar to many other file sync & share services, OneDrive allows you to share files with your contacts, offering Office 365 integration among many other features.

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boost employee productivity with vBoxxCloud Part II

8 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity with vBoxxCloud – Part II

The second and last part of this series explores how business owners and executives can arm employees with productivity enhancing file sync technology, while at the same time safeguarding corporate data.

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increase employee productivity with vboxxcloud

8 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity with vBoxxCloud – Part I

The rapid adoption of consumer-grade cloud services in the workplace is one of the greatest security risks for businesses. Employees want their critical files with them wherever they go, including on their personal smartphones, tablets, or even home office computers. Unfortunately, the desire to work anywhere creates a host of new challenges for protecting corporate data. Consumer-grade cloud services, empower users to sync their work data and files with their mobile phones and home PCs, but they can be a recipe for disaster from a data privacy, and security perspectives

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Zakelijke Cloud Oplossingen in 2016 Infographic

Enterprise Cloud Computing in 2016

Enterprise spending on cloud computing will see a significant increase in 2016. Companies use the cloud mostly to store files, serve as a backup recovery tool and in many cases, deploy their own applications. More and more companies are discovering the benefits of cloud services. Take a look at this infographic and learn why are companies investing in the cloud.

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The Benefits of FIle Server Enablement - vBoxxCloud Blog

The Benefits of File Server Enablement

When companies join to the Cloud, they go through an adaptation period. Local files have to be transferred to the Cloud and moving data from a File Server to the Cloud can be a daunting task. With vBoxxCloud you can keep all the files in the server and enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud.

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SaaS and the importance of Customer Support - vBoxxCloud Blog

SaaS and the importance of Customer Support

A recent Cloud Tech article states that “behind every great tech innovation is the need for effective tech implementation”. At vBoxx we agree with this statement. It is important for Cloud providers to help customers integrate as best as possible our Cloud services.

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