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The use of the Cloud by Digital Natives

Teenagers born around the year of 1995 do not know a world without Internet. This generation is called generation Z and is also known as Digital Natives. These are mainly adolescents who have grown up in a digital environment, directly experiencing the evolution of technology. Surrounded by the Internet they live in a 24/7 information society, having all the knowledge within their reach. This makes it easier for them to find and filter information rapidly.
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Crash Course Infographic Cloud Computing

Many companies have already started working with the Cloud, but there are still several companies out there that are not familiar with the concept Cloud Computing. Companies are usually not aware that working in the Cloud has various benefits for their business.

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The use of encryption to secure your personal data

It is safe to say that every company wants to have their data protected. It seems very simple, but encrypting important files has become a major point of discussion in the last few months. Official security authorities feel that encrypting data gives criminals the possibility to conceal their illegal activities.

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Working as a digital nomad with help of the cloud

Many people have already beaten you to this. Digital nomading is a growing phenomenon in the business world. The exact amount of people that work with this new method is not yet established, but it is a growing number. Enjoying a nice sunset while finishing off a business deal is the newest development in online business and negotiations.

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Six Security Features of vBoxxCloud to Fix Dropbox Issues

People use Dropbox because it is easy-to-use and of course because it is useful. Companies have a hard time avoiding Dropbox use in the workplace because they struggle to propose an alternative that offers the same functionalities, while solving security issues known to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and similar consumer applications.

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vBoxxCloud - Secure File Sharing for Business

The Four-Step Plan to Prevent Dropbox in the Workplace

As previously discussed, Dropbox is a very easy-to-use and useful consumer application. In the workplace however, it exposes companies to increased risks of data theft, data loss, corrupted data, compliance violations, accountability issues, sharing of sensitive information and possible government access. It is for these reasons that Dropbox is in fact the number 1 most blacklisted application by corporate security policies. Read more