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Consumerization of Cloud Services – Part I

Consumerization of Cloud Services is not a recent concept, but it is one that has significantly changed the workplace environment. With the expansion of Cloud Services, IT consumerization is becoming more prevalent and today we witness a blend of personal and business use of technology. Whether we are talking about technology devices, applications or Cloud services, this has serious implications on how effective businesses can be.

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Consumerization of Cloud Services - Part II

Consumerization of Cloud Services – Part II

Consumerization of Cloud Services as discussed in Part I has changed the workplace and it’s shaping how companies view Cloud Services. Today, we highlight issues that come from using consumer grade solutions. The rapid expansion of cloud services during the last two to three years brought many challenges for companies. In particular, managing sensitive information became more difficult.

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Introducing Leitz Cloud by vBoxx at CeBIT - vBoxxCloud Blog

Introducing Leitz Cloud by vBoxx at CeBIT

This week vBoxx is at CeBIT supporting our partner Leitz with their new Cloud service Leitz Cloud by vBoxx. As soon as we have arrived at the conference, it was impossible not to feel excited, CeBIT a conference that lives and breathes technology is a world of wonder. Especially for those of you who are tech enthusiasts.

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Moving Towards a Digital World - vBoxxCloud Blog

Moving towards a digital world

Last week vBoxx was in Germany at CeBIT and it was clear that more companies are adopting new ways of conducting business. The hectic environment experienced over 5 days, clearly showed the conference is great platform for networking and learn about the latest market trends.

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10 Ways vBoxxCloud Will Improve How You Work

10 Ways vBoxxCloud file sync will improve how you work – Part I

File Sync and share technology is changing how companies work and collaborate. Embracing this way of working, offers many advantages. Here are the ways vBoxxCloud File Sync can change how you work:

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vBoxxCloud A World of Possibilities Blog

vBoxxCloud a world of possibilities!

vBoxxCloud is a robust cloud service, that allows businesses to share documents everywhere. The powerful admin panel together with the intuitive user interface offer the best of both worlds. Admins will appreciate the policy customization options, and users will benefit from no bandwidth limitations, sharing with vBoxxCloud is easy and very fast!

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