All your administration safely in the Cloud

Using the Cloud for administration ensures that your data is always secure. The data is stored safe and protected on a server in a Dutch data center. No more searching for missing papers or invoices in a stack of old letters. Nowadays, we also receive an increasing amount of invoices and letters electronically. Why would you then print the papers and add them to your paper records? That would only be double work. Keeping the administration in the Cloud and organizing it in separate folders is much easier and better for the environment.

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Eco-friendly Cloud storage for administration

Goodbye, paper waste, and hello, eco-friendly Cloud! Why would you want to deal with piles of paper when you can easily keep track of everything in the Cloud? Of course, all that printed paper is also not really eco-friendly. We believe that striving for a sustainable and green planet is important, which is why we host your data entirely on green energy!

More about our green data center

100% usage of renewable energy

60-80% less energy consumption

Participant of Green Fan Program

Dutch ISO-certified data centers

Work efficiently in our Cloud storage for administration

Of course, administration must be structured and well-organized. You can easily create different folders in vBoxxCloud to organize your administration. You can then share these files and folders with other users without fear of losing control.

Securely share files

All your invoices or other documents can be securely shared via the Cloud with your accountant or administration office.

Safely collaborate

In vBoxxCloud you can easily collaborate with other users with teamshare. Add the desired users to the teamshare and indicate whether they can edit the files.


Free guestusers

Create unlimited free guest accounts for your customers and partners. Guest users can only access the files via the web browser and you can monitor their activities.

Recover files

Have you accidentally deleted a file or folder? Don't freak out! vBoxxCloud saves deleted files and versions in the Cloud for a set period of time.

GDPR-proof Cloud

Audited and certified by an external and third party. Make your company GDPR-compliant by using vBoxxCloud!

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Free 1-on-1 Tour

We are happy to demonstrate you in an online meeting how to use vBoxxCloud in 30-60 min for your organization.

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Pro-active Support

Every customer is assigned a personal contact person. You will always receive immediate answers to your questions.

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vBoxxScan: for all your receipts, documents, notes and much more!

No more messing with binders or gluing receipts. Simply take a picture of your receipt or note with the vBoxxScan app, and it is converted to a PDF with editable and searchable text.  These files can be securely stored in your own vBoxxCloud account. Download the vBoxxScan application and sign in with your vBoxxCloud credentials to see what else is possible!

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These companies already work in our Cloud storage for administration!

"I've had our administration, photos, and much more in the cloud at Vboxx since the beginning (2015). Which is great for the past six years, particularly if you have a problem. They get to work and unburden your storage with a single phone call. Employees who are experienced."

"We use vBoxxCloud. The team is extremely professional and provides an all-inclusive service. Dropbox-like in appearance and feel. Only then it is entirely in compliance with European privacy legislation. We are incredibly satisfied!"

"This is a fantastic tool for storing your documents in the cloud. Upload your documents very fast and share them with your team. And, once loaded, it's simple to edit. Ideal for someone who works from anywhere in the world and needs to keep documents safe."

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