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More and more companies migrate to the private cloud of vBoxx. But what is actually a private cloud? How does the infrastructure differ from other cloud models? Learn below everything that you need to know about our private cloud.

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What is a private cloud?

The private cloud refers to a single-tenant environment wherein the IT-infrastructure is dedicated to a single customer. Private cloud distinguishes itself from other cloud structures by creating isolated access. This means that the customer has direct control over the management, operation and maintenance of their private cloud. No system elements are shared with other customers since these are completely assembled by the customer itself.

Therefore, companies often prefer private cloud solutions over any other cloud solutions in order to achieve regulatory compliance. Hosting a cloud on a individual server specifically creates a safe environment for the processing of confidential documents, medical records or any other type of sensitive information.

vboxxcloud is avaialable on a private server

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What are the challenges of a private cloud?

Overbuying or underbuying

If companies want to migrate to a private cloud, they might face an underbuying or overbuying dilemma. It can be difficult to estimate the capacity required in order to function properly in the future. If a company grows faster than the paid storage capacity, then it might face scalability issues. Thus, it could happen that a company purchases more capacity than required.


Another common problem is that the performance of the private cloud can be interrupted during maintenance. IT-specialists of a company have the responsibility to closely monitor new soft- and hardware updates. However, this requires a certain work experience. An unexperienced IT-team might take hours to conduct new updates, which might even result in downtime. This requires redundancy since new system elements have to be purchased in order to reduce or even prevent downtime. However, this can create additional costs.

Two-step authentication

Activate an extra verification step via email, SMS or app on your smartphone.

Sharing Options

Decide what can be shared outside your organization and who can share files.

File Versioning

Keep track of file history and decide for how long should old versions and deleted files be kept.

Block Extensions

Make sure that users can no longer upload certain file extensions to the cloud.


Why move to a Managed Private Cloud?

Migrating to the cloud requires great responsibility since you might get confronted with back-end maintenance expenses or performance issues. vBoxx offers a managed private cloud in order to reduce this burden. This means that we can deliver vBoxxCloud on a privately hosted server. You can still enjoy the security advantages of the private cloud while receiving support from our IT-specialists. We will maintain your cloud environment so that you will not have to deal with unneccesary costs. Our managed private cloud solution can be even cheaper than other cloud models in the long-term.

What our customers say

ICT Tegenbosch

"We were looking for an affordable solution to securely share, edit and GDPR-compliant files. After a short evaluation, in which we have been well assisted several times by their employees, we now use vBoxxCloud for one and a half months to our complete satisfaction."


"I thought that vBoxxCloud would be complicated, but I was quickly assisted by the very friendly and helpful staff at vBoxx. Until now it works perfectly and the sync tool is also very fast! And on top of that GDPR ready! I am very satisfied!"


"In connection with the introduction of the GDPR, I was looking for another Cloud provider. I am very happy with the great explanations and support during the entire process. The data is now securely stored in the Cloud in the Netherlands. I recommend it!"


"Because of GDPR, we went looking for a reliable Cloud solution. I am very happy with the possibility to create guest accounts, so that I can share documents securely. The help desk is quick to answer questions. I would definitely recommend vBoxx."

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Private cloud vs public cloud

If companies look for a cloud solution, they often have to decide whether they want migrate to a private or a public cloud. The main difference is that private cloud solutions host their data on private servers, which are dedicated to a single customer. This can be of great interest to companies that have to ensure regulatory compliance. They have the possibility to build an infrastructure by themselves. By contrast, in a public cloud environment, cloud solutions are directly applicable and hosted on a shared server. Both cloud solutions have advantages and disadvantages, and a managed private cloud is a great alternative. It's a hybrid cloud solution which shared the characteristics of both a private and public cloud

The private cloud is a highly secure cloud solution

Private cloud vs on-premise cloud

Companies that want complete control over their own server also have the possibility to migrate to an on-premise cloud. The main difference is that managed private clouds are often hosted by a third party. In this case we offer customers the opportunity to host vBoxxCloud on a private server. On-premise clouds, on the contrary, have private servers which are hosted internally.They manage the server within their own corporate building instead of an external data center. However, this comes with a long with a wide range of challenges. For example, having internal servers requires additional IT-expertise and maintenance costs.

Private cloud requires own maintenance

Consultation meeting

Are you curious about all the features integrated into the private cloud of vBoxx? Do you have specific questions or requests? Request a free consultation meeting with our IT-experts!

Where to start? The main phases of migrating to the private cloud

The managed private cloud of vBoxx can have many advantages in the long-term. However, it is all about execution in order to create real success. Luckily, vBoxx has years of experience in the cloud industry in order to guide you step-by-step throughout this process. Our private cloud solution can be completely customized based your needs, while maintaining a maximum level of flexibility, efficiency and security.

vboxxcloud organization structure
  1. 1

    We always start a consulation meeting with our customers in order to discuss your needs for the private cloud. This will allow us to design a completely customized cloud environment, whereby we can share our expertise on capacity planning.

  2. 2

    Once we have a clear picture of the customer’s needs, we will start building the cloud infrastructure. Therefore, we will select appropriate hardware and software in order to run vBoxxCloud on your own private server optimally.

  3. 3

    Lastly, we will provide guidance to the company's IT-engineers in order to manage the cloud effectively. None of our customers should be on their own. Therefore, vBoxx distinguishes itself from others by providing a high-quality service. Our team is 24/7 available in to give you a helping hand.

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